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My Sweet Bakery - Delicious Donuts Cheats

My Sweet Bakery - Delicious Donuts

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Wait for the customers to arrive before baking donuts at the start of every day.
They will not leave, and you will know exactly what to make to get the biggest 
profit after they are served. 

Watch advertising videos to unlock new ingredients for free. They will provide 
an advantage, especially in the daily contests where you will now have more 

You do not have to serve customers exactly what they want, especially when 
playing the free version and cannot prepare their request. Bake your best 
donut and give it to them to still get some money in return. 

Head to head contests:
* Winning head to head contests can be difficult. Rolled donuts usually perform
  best, especially when mixed and matched perfectly for a great and colorful 
* Watch the votes you can cast to see which are winning and remember how the 
  donuts are made. Then, reproduce those designs. Add complementary colors, 
  items that the other participants do not have, and keep trying.
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