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My Personal Angel Cheats

My Personal Angel

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievement Completion Guide:
Written by Kevin

This guide is an attempt to compile the correct choices to get 100% achievement 
completion in My Personal Angel steam visual novel.

-=Important Info=-
Right click on screen after warning and day 1 msg, to get SKIP option. This lets 
you skip until you left click screen again to stop skipping. the Save and Load 
options don't work as far as I could tell. You'll need many multiple complete 
runs to get all the achievements, at least 1 per ending.

-=Good Ending=-
* Option 3 warehouse
* Wierd message accept not ignore on first msg - day 2.
* Option 1 accept Erika's request
* Day 2 Option 1 yes to anya to take her home
* Day 3 Option 1 accept anya's request to celebrate her birthday, don't REFUSE
* Always walk home instead of going to bar
* Tell erika you love her,too when she tells you she loves you.
* Day 7 for liza pick whatever, not "I care"
* Wierd msg respond with question: what do you want? then 1st choice, 
  don't pick end convo.
* Day 8 - Pick Teddy bear for birthday present for Anya
* Day 10 - pick NO to sleeping with Jessica
* Pick stay on boat for crate in water

-=Treasure Hunter=-
* On Day 10 pick jump after crate instead of stay on boat

-=Bad Endings #1 and #2
* Each bad ending is based off of one of the girls dying Anya or Erica.
* To get Anya to die, don't walk her home and don't celebrate her birth day, do 
  everything else in good ending section. this is bad ending 1. The refuse her 
  birthday is day 3.
* To get Erica to die, cheat on her as much as possible by doing day 7 liza 
  (I CARE) and day 10 with jessica (1st option-what are you talking about, not 
  NO), and drink (go to bar as much as possible isntead of going home). 
  this gives bad ending 2.

-=Achievements: Do not fall into depression, Drunkard!, and Forgive me=-
these 3 achievements should be earned by doing the other achievements as a by 
product of completing the endings. by doing bad ending 1 which kills Anya you 
get Forgive Me in end of Day 7 where you buy Vodka.
If anyone has trouble getting these or finds a specific method that isn't listed, 
please inform me.

-=Very Bad Ending and Mystery Ending=-
* Very bad ending is both women dying, Erika and Anya.
* To get this drinking alot, sleep with all the women you can day 7 "I care" to 
  liza, Day 10 to jessica 1st option, and for anya don't walk her home on day 2 
  and refuse to celebrate her birthday on day 3. on day 10 stay on boat.

Break down of what is above by day:
* Go to bar all 3 times - drink alot.
* Day 2 don't walk anya home.
* Day 3 refuse to go to anya birth day.
* Day 7 I care to liza, sleeping with her.
* Day 10 1st option asking a question to jessica, sleeping with her.
* Day 10 don't jump.

-=Mystery Ending=-
Six critical choices to get this ending

* Day 2 - ACCEPT not ignore on first message.
* Day 3- ACCEPT to celebrate anya's birthday - need this to give her gift of teddy bear.
* Day 4 - What is Interesting not Who are you.
* Day 6 - Continue - do not END CONVERSATION.
* Day 8 - Teddy Bear, not candy nor flowers.
* Day 10 - Jump
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