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Muse Dash Cheats

Muse Dash

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Not Get Score and Beat a Stage:

Have you ever wanted to be the worst at this game? have you wondered to yourself 
"man, is it possible to beat a stage with 0 score?" well i'm here to say absolutely,
and here's how you do it!

-=How to Beat a Stage with 0 Score=-

-=Step 1. Preparation=-
Now, in order to beat a stage with zero score you need to choose a good character. 
Here is a list of all the ones that could work.

* Zombie girl Buro (the best option in my opinion).
* Yume (dlc Character from groove coaster).
* Rin (the first character you get at the start of the game).

You also need to pick a good elfin to combo your character choice. 
I'll be honest, Little nurse elfin is the only good choice here.
and yes, While angela does reduce the amount of damage you take, Little nurse can really 
save you in those tricky situations with a lot of spinning gears and Gemini enemies.

Also, you can't do this with all stages (trust me, i've tried) most of the time it's 
usually only possible on 1-4 star stages.

-=Step 2. Gameplay=-
Alright, so now you've picked your setup and you're ready to go. 
Here are some tips for how to NOT get score:

* Make sure you jump over and dodge as many enemies as possible. if you run into too many, 
  you'll die and have to start over.
* Remember to also dodge notes and hearts as well. the notes give score and the hearts
  (even if they aren't attached to enemies) give accuracy when collected instead of score, 
  So you won't see 0.00% accuracy once you beat the stage.
* This part is crucial. 

-=You must get hit by=-
* Gemini enemies
* Spinning gears
* Boss attacks

Alternate boss attacks (the ! attacks, when you mash the buttons).

Believe it or not, Avoiding gears gives you score as well so you have to let the gear 
hit you and take 30 damage.

You also can't dodge the Gemini enemies or the boss attacks so you have to let them hit 
you too (as long as you've got the right character and elfin, you should be able to live).

-=Step 3. Complete!=-
If you've followed everything I've mentioned so far you should finally see that 0 score 
result screen as well as get the hidden achievement for knocking back 0 enemies.

Congrats! you now know how to complete a stage with 0 score!
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