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MultiVersus Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Dash-Dance:
Written by P0kePanda

A guide to help you do and understand this basic movement technique.

Controller: Flick the stick in a horizontal direction then quickly 
flick it in the other direction and do this repeatedly to do a dash

Keyboard: Tap A or D then quickly tap the other and do this repeatedly 
to do a dash dance.

-=What is Dash-Dancing Good For=-
Dash Dancing is a very useful technique for evading attacks, counter 
attacking quickly, putting pressure on the opponent, and in conjunction
with other movement techniques, can create a confusing illusion that 
makes it extremely difficult for your opponents to land their attacks.

How to Fix Offline Mode Bug:
Written by antmaster208

-=Why Its Stuck in Offline?=-
The cause for this is a server or wifi issue, check online for any 
game server downage or wifi providers. If they work then you most 
likely set your age under 18 which boots all underage players offline, 
it is unconfirmed a bug or feature.

-=How to Fix Offline Bug=-
If its server or internet issues then all I can say is try to restart 
your internet connection or wait until servers are back online.

If you set your age under 18 then you’ll need to do these steps:

* Search "%appdata%" (no quotes) into the Windows search bar/icon.
* Copy and paste this into the top search bar in your File Explorer: 
* Delete the SavedGames folder.
* Start up Multiversus again and set your age to 18 or older.
* Have fun!

How to Reach Level 15 Fast:
Written by Monkey D. Lenny

DISCLAIMER: This guide exploits the AI of bots and could easily be patched 
out, ergo this guide may or may not age well.So, you want to get your main 
up to mastery fast but don’t have any XP books? Or perhaps you want to grind 
out the other characters on the roster to get them to Level 15 for maybe the 
extra gold or they have a Profile Picture you like on their mastery track?

Well this guide right here will show you the fastest way to do that. Even 
though this is a quicker way this will take a commitment of time, but the 
process is very easy and you could just auto-pilot and maybe put on a 
podcast or something to listen to while you do this. It’s an extremely 
simple process. However, this isn’t exactly good for grinding gold or battle 
pass XP, but using this method you should consistently get 400XP per sets of 

-=The Steps=-
* Go into a 1v1 bot lobby
* Choose your fighter
* The moment the match starts do NOT attack! Immediately run to the edge and 
  wall cling
* Stay there even if Wall Fatigue starts to set in, the bot AI for some reason 
  doesn’t know what to do in this particular scenario and they will jump off 
  the stage, exhaust their options, and then SD
* Profit and rake in the XP
* If you return to stage at any point before the match is done to try and undo 
  Wall Fatigue, the bots will stop going off stage and will start circle camping
  the ledge and you’ll either have to fight them or SD.

-=Potential Hazards=-
NOTE:There are three outliers that can throw a wrench into this process, which 
is either you get sent to the Batcave or the computer picks Bugs or Iron Giant.

Batcaves narrow gap between the cars makes it difficult for the CPU to get under
and do their air stalling, and they’ll sometimes just fidget about atop the 
Batmobile until it breaks. I’d reccomend just waiting it out even if Wall Fatigue

If the CPU picks Bugs or Iron Giant, you can fight them if you wish but if you’re 
after pure speed in this method just throw the match and reload.

Bugs’ variety of movement options will almost always lead to the CPU returning 
to stage, and if his rabbit hole gets stuck at ledge, he’ll just circle camp and
won’t venture off stage, you’d have to go up and actually fight him. Iron Giant’s
rocket boots keep him from dying off stage and he’ll always return to stage. 
Again, either fight him or just throw and reload.

All and all though despite these hiccups, using this method matches shouldn’t 
last more than 30 seconds tops. Just keep doing this and your character’s level
will climb, just keep at it!

How to Earn as Much Gold as Possible:
Written by Chucky

Do you need more gold? Do you think it feels slow to earn gold? In this little 
guide I will show you a few tips to get a bit more.

1.Always try to play in a group cause you will earn more gold.

2.Toss a coin to your witcher … Yeah you hear right you can “toast” a coin to 
the other players after every match as long as you have enough “toast”. But dont 
just toast everybody. If you play in a group talk to your mate and try to toast 
eachother! You get more gold because you get a toast back otherwise you toast 
randoms and maybe dont receive something back.

3.Try to play with every fighter in the free rotation and everyone you bought. 
You can collect 100 gold with everyone you reach lvl. 5. Thats a good amount of 
gold for almost no afford.

4.Do your quests and try to complete them.

5.You will receive gold automatically through leveling things up 
(account level, season pass, fighters) so just play the game and have fun!

The Best Characters by Class:
We show you a summary list with fighters of each computer class from best to 
worst so that you can quickly know which are the most outstanding ones.

-=The Best Thugs=-
* Jake
* Lebron James
* Shaggy
* Batman
* Garnet
* Taz

-=The Best Killers=-
* Harley Quinn
* Arya Stark
* Finn

-=The Best Tanks=-
* Wonder Woman
* Iron Giant
* Superman

-=The Best Wizards=-
* Bugs Bunny
* Tom & Jerry

-=The Best Support=-
* Velma
* Perreno
* Steven Universe
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