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Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Cheats

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlocking skins:
Successfully complete a character tutorial (go to the "Learn" menu, scroll 
down to the bottom, and complete the series of tutorials) to unlock a skin 
for the character used. This can be done for every character in the game.
Go to the Tower Of Time, and check the left-corner to find Character 
Towers. Spend 25,000 koins to unlock these towers. Character Towers are 
tower challenges tied to specific characters. You will earn gear for your 
preferred character - and you can get two extra skins if you complete them. 
They are very difficult -- so it is recommended to wait until you have 
leveled up before attempting these challenges. The rest of the skins can be 
unlocked randomly as rewards for completing Tower Of Time or Klassic Tower 
challenges. These rolls are completely random. If you want better chances, 
visit the Krypt. At the Krypt, open chests that cost between 10,000 to 
15,000 koins. These chests usually contain a skin for a random character.
 Chests that cost between 12,000+ or 14,000+ almost always contain a skin 
inside. Note: If you have opened all the chests on the island, you can 
reset the rewards by finding the blue/white orb in the main Courtyard near 
the entrance and use a special key to reset all the chests in the area. 
There are two of these reset icons -- one is underground, and one is above 

Team Battle mode:
At the main menu, select "Konquer" then "Towers Of Time". Successfully 
complete the four tutorial towers to unlock the main towers. These change 
every few days. One of them is usually a boss tower. You can tell because
 it only has one opponent in it. Select the boss tower, and it will display 
the "Group Battle" screen. Select "Search For Players" or "Invite Players". 
Once the match begins, you will unlock the "Teamwork" achievement.

Mercy finisher:
Mercy is a special move that revives a dying opponent and gives them a bit 
of health back. It can only be used in the last round of the match. When 
the game says "Finish Him/Her," stand at mid-distance and quickly press 
LT + Down, LT + Down, LT + Down (Xbox controller). To make it easier, just 
spam LT + Down in quick succession. Additionally, by performing a Mercy 
finisher, you will get two hearts instead of one.

Easy towers and rewards:
AI Fighters can be used as substitutes for almost every Tower Of Time 
challenge. To use them, simply toggle on the "AI Fighter" option after 
selecting a character, but before entering a battle. Using an AI Fighter 
will earn you the exact same rewards as a standard fighter. All you 
need to do is press continue between fights. For most battles using 
AI Fighters, put most points in the "Combo" and "Reversal" stats. To 
change AI Fighter settings, go to "Kustomize" and select a character. 
Then, choose any "Kustom Loadout" and go to the AI Fighter tab. All 
loadouts can be customized with AI Fighter settings - you do not need 
to create a new loadout. The best AI Fighters are Noob Saibot against 
anyone, and Skarlet against fast rushing characters and powerful zoning. 
Some bosses and hard battles cannot be completed with just the Combo 
and Reversal stats. If your AI Fighter is losing, try switching tactics.
 Select a "zoner", or a long-range character that is good at using 
projectiles and other abilities. Skarlet is a powerful zoner - equip 
projectile skills to her loadout, and boost the "Zoning" and "Runaway" 
stats to 30. Additionally, hearts are one of the rarest currencies in 
the game. To get hearts, you need to kill opponents with a fatality or 
brutality. You only get one per fight, so it can take awhile to get 250 
- which is required to open a Shao Kahn chest. To easily grind hearts, 
enter the Klassic Endless Tower and use an AI Fighter. They will 
continuously fight, using finishers, and climb the ladder until they 
are defeated. You will get lots of hearts using this method -- without 
having to do much of anything.
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