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Moonlighter Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Infinite Money:
Follow these simple steps;

* Display an item at a normal price that people would buy.
* Stand next to that item while people are around it. 
* When you see the (), get ready.
* Once you see the simley face, open the menu, change the price to 
  a much higher number.
* Go to your desk and sell the item. 
* You will get the exact amount that you set it to.

Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game. 
It is likely to eventually get patched.

Object Prices:
Written by 2B

List of prices for the items, organized by ascending prices based 
on the notebook in game.

-=Golem Dungeon=-
Vine  2 Gold 
Root  5 Gold 
Teethstone  5 Gold 
Whetstone  15 Gold 
Iron Bar  30 Gold 
Crystal Rock  100 Gold 
Ancient Pot  100 Gold 
Crystallized Energy  100 Gold 
Golem Core  100 Gold 
Glass Lenses  100 Gold 
Water Sphere  100 Gold 
Broken Sword  150 Gold 
Foundry Rests  150 Gold 
Fabric  300 Gold 
Water Lamp  300 Gold 
White Stone  300 Gold 
Gold Runes  350 Gold 
Hardened Steel  350 Gold 
Old Golem Minion Design  350 Gold 
Golem Volume  500 Gold 
Golem Chisel  600 Gold 
Golem Designs 1/2/3  1500 Gold 
Rune Tool  1500 Gold 
Golem History I  3000 Gold 
Golem History II  3000 Gold 
Golem History III  3000 Gold 
Golem King Jottings  3000 Gold 
Golem King Energy Crystal  3000 Gold

-=Forest Dungeon=-
Venomous Spores  60 Gold 
Plant Flesh  70 Gold 
Magic Mushroom  70 Gold 
Petals  100 Gold 
Magic Wood  100 Gold 
Blade Leaves  300 Gold 
Strong Leaves  400 Gold 
Pure Acid  500 Gold 
Light Essence  500 Gold 
Life Fluid  400 Gold 
Straw  500 Gold 
Preserved Root  500 Gold 
Modified Seeds  1000 Gold 
Fertilizer  1000 Gold 
Fertile Soil  1200 Gold 
Ancient Wood  1000 Gold 
Fluid Vessel  1510 Gold 
Nutritive Water  1500 Gold 
Forest Fruits  1500 Gold 
Speed Powder  2000 Gold 
Old Bulb  2000 Gold 
Botany Jottings 1/2/3  2000 Gold 
Forest History 1/2/3  5000 Gold 
Carnivorous Mutae Seeds  5000 Gold 
Carnivorous Mutae Jottings  5000 Gold

-=Desert Dungeon=-
Volcanic Stone  100 gold 
Magnetic Core  300 Gold 
Flammable Dust  400 Gold 
Desert Rope  500 Gold 
Diamagnetic Sand  600 Gold 
Magnetite  1000 Gold 
Fireproof Cloth  1300 Gold 
Fire Gem  2000 Gold 
Insulting Dust  2500 Gold 
Desert Steel Sheet  2500 Gold 
Chilled Lava -2000 Gold 
Desert Stone  2500 Gold 
Cloth Dye  3000 Gold 
Fluid Conduct  3000 Gold 
Resistant Glass  5000 Gold 
Inflammable Liquid  3500 Gold 
Soldering Iron  4500 Gold 
Magnetic Tool  5000 Gold 
Desert steel Ingot  6500 Gold 
Thermo Magnetic Engine  10000 Gold 
High Levitation Core  12000 Gold 
Desert History 1/2/3  12000 Gold 
Naja Jottings  20000 Gold 

-=Tech Dungeon=-
Crystal Shards  500 Gold 
Conductor Metal  500 Gold 
Mercury  1200 Gold 
Gold Strands  2000 Gold 
Plastic Film  2000 Gold 
Wires  2001 Gold 
Broken Battery  3000 Gold 
Energy Capacitor  5000 Gold 
Tesla Coil Engine  5000 Gold 
Treated Wood  4500 Gold 
Wolfram Rock  5000 Gold 
Vacuum Tube  5500 Gold 
Copper Reel  7000 Gold 
Tungsten Reel  6500 Gold 
Triple Cell Battery  8500 Gold 
Welding Gun  10000 Gold 
Argon Bottle  10000 Gold 
Power Supply  15000 Gold 
AC Adapter  12000 Gold 
Tech History 1/2  35000 Gold 
Tech History 3  40000 Gold 
Flux Energy Jottings  50000 Gold
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