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Moon Hunters Cheats

Moon Hunters

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Successfully complete the listed task to unlock the corresponding achievement. 
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile",
"View all my games", then the game and view stats.
Achievement           How to unlock
A New Age           - The Sun Cult is victorious.
Abandoned           - Defeat the Sun Cult.
Ancestral Artistry  - Use dance to save the world.
Ancestral Conflict  - Come face to face with the Goddess as an unbeliever.
Ancestral Courage   - Pray with Enkidu to the Great Mother.
Ancestral Grace     - Pray with Dumuzi to the Pale Dancer.
Ancestral Insight   - Pray with Enheduanna to the Silver Sister.
Ancestral Power     - Commune with all of your ancestors.
Ancestral Song      - Confront the Sun Cult on their home turf.
Ancestral Strength  - Pray with Kubele to the Queen of Heaven.
Beast Tongue        - Learn how to talk to animals from a witch's cat.
Betrayal            - Convince the Sun Cultist to join you.
Chilled             - Unlock the coolest cooking ingredient.
Clone Wars          - Complete the game as quadruplets.
Cooking 101         - Fill your cupboards.
Dancer              - Convince the Snowdancer to join you.
Demigod             - Defeat Wave 30 of the Endless Arena.
Elopement           - Seduce the King.
Forgiveness         - Re-enact the ancient rituals.
Forgotten           - Submit to the Sun Cult's ultimate weapon
Groupie             - Entertain a young admirer at your campfire.
Heartbroken         - Refuse a direct order from Issar.
Hildisvini          - Borrow Frigga's boar.
Humbaba             - Finish what Gilgamesh started.
Intrepid Explorer   - Delve into a Sun Cultist ziggurat.
Legendary           - Defeat Wave 20 of the Endless Arena.
Loremaster          - Research each aspect of the Moon Goddess.
Master Chef         - Fill your cookbook.
Mighty Iflun        - Convince a gryphon to join you.
Moon Child          - Convince the Songweaver to join you.
Punishment          - Destroy the Sun Cult's ultimate weapon.
Real Enkidu         - Make friends with a man that has no tribe.
Spirit Guardian     - Defy the natural order.
Spirit of Dance     - Dance with a maenad of the mountains.
Spirit Tongue       - Learn how to talk to spirits by journeying in the afterworld.
The Celestial Map   - Fill the sky with all the constellations.
The Celestin        - Remember the people of the river.
The Curse of Kun    - Suffer the wrath of the River Queen.
The Final Victory   - Defeat the Sun God for all time.
The High Tribes     - Remember the people of the mountains.
The Melody Within   - Forgive your ultimate enemy as a priestess.
The Ufratu River    - Remember the Holy River.
Theology            - Complete the game as yin and yang together.
Treasurer           - Fill your pockets.
Wars Within Wars    - Win in a battle against your own brother.
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