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Mistake Souls Cheats

Mistake Souls

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks:
Written by FiyahKitteh

Since the game has no tutorial and it's not done yet, but does indeed already 
give access, here are some helpful things to know.

I once somehow accidentally managed to get a tutorial to appear, but I have no 
idea how. For anybody who was just as unlucky as me, or just needs something 
more, here are some basic tips. 

Pressing the Z key speeds things up. It will save you quite some time! 
You do not have to "punish" enemies after a fight! You will get your gold anyway!

The combat bases on a "match 3 mechanic". I am sure by now you have seen plenty 
of those games already. And here is how the combat in this specific game works: 

-=Pre-Battle Phase=-
The game will remove any already matching shapes of 3, either horizontal or 
vertical; e.g. L- / T- figures or simply just 3. Once again, I recommend 
pressing Z to speed this part up!

-=The Grid=-
What I first didn't know is, that you don't have to make your matches with tiles 
adjacent. You can literally pick any stone of the same color from anywhere else 
on the field, just make sure it makes any shape of "3". 
The two boulders exchange their places, so try to see if you can "kill 2 birds 
with 1 stone". 

Brown: Gives ATK. Must be >= 5, if you want to use it
Grey: Gives Protection. You should always have some!
White: Adds to the Shield / Sword amount. It is used up when you attack
Black: Adds Magic you can use for spells, if you bought / equipped one

-=Your Turn=-
If you have ATK (sword icon under your character) >= 5 or Magic >=10, click 
the protagonist's portrait 2 buttons appear at the bottom of the screen. The 
first one is to attack the enemy and the 2nd is to use your Magic. 
You can only use that, if you bought a skill at the Library. 

You can do both, attack AND throw a spell at the enemy, if you want. Make sure 
you move any tiles on the grid around after this point, since it will be the 
enemy's turn once you're done

Attention: You need to go to your room (from the overworld map) to equip spells 
first, or it won't work! And you unfortunately have to do that everytime you 
re-visit your room, e.g. to check how much Gold you have

From here on out, basically keep attacking until the enemy is dead. 

-=Additional Info=-
I recommend farming a few low level monsters first, until you can afford the 
Healing spell (Library, 100G) and maybe a better sword (Forge, 100G or directly 
the one for 200G). Then farm another 200G for 10HP extra (Magic Shop) and the 
2nd level of Healing ; from there on farm the Guesthouse (human enemies giving 
more gold, but also have more HP) until you can get better weapons, more HP 
and upgraded skills. 

I think for the beginning, Healing LVL 2 is good, maybe later you want to 
get a Piercing Strike or MAG to PROT kind of skill. Up to you. So far I am 
still farming, but feel free to share your strategies and thoughts.
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