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Millia - The Ending Cheats

Millia - The Ending

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

All Endings:
-=Millia Good Ending=-
1.Wait for Meru.
2.Why didnít she change her clothes? Maybe Meru didnít want to go?
3.Donít joke with me!

-=Millia Bad Ending=-
1.Wait for Meru.
2.Why didnít she change her clothes? Maybe Meru didnít want to go?
3.But deep inside meÖ I know that what we are doing is wrong.

-=Meru Ending=-
1.Wait for Meru.
2.Thereís no time, Meruís casual clothes are good enough.

-=Serina Good Ending=-
1.Go first.

-=Serina Bad Ending=-
1.Go first.
2.Thatís right, itís better this way. As long as we live, we can 
  find happiness again.
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