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Metal Slug 2 Cheats

Metal Slug 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Level 1: Assistant:
On the first level is a slave about mid-way through. Free him by shooting 
him and he will follow you through the rest of the level, shooting what seems
to be kamehameha waves at the enemies.

Level 1: Hidden prisoners:
At the beginning of the level when you face the person on the camel, do not 
go any further after you kill him. The middle tree in that screen will drop 
a lot of bananas and two prisoners when shot at.

Level 2: Easy points:
In the second mission, shoot any eye in the level that you see on the walls 
and you will get rubies. You can also shoot where the mine workers have been
digging. Jump up and shoot down while you are in the air.
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