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Lucid9: Inciting Incident Cheats

Lucid9: Inciting Incident

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Amateur Detective" achievement:
When you begin an investigation at the school, go to all the available 
locations. Note: Save the game when you can choose between the entrance,
cafeteria, rooftop, or courtyard, then reload after meeting with Shigure
on the rooftop. 

Easy "The Clock is Ticking..." achievement:
This must be completed before the hostage situation. Use the following choices.

* Haru Bunya's phone. 
* The wall-changing feature. 
* Location of death. 
* No, there was a prominent accident elsewhere. 
* Limit the suspect pool. 
* I'm still alive. 
* Get help. 
* He didn't want to alert the killer. 
* Just once. 

Easy "Riddle Me This" achievement:
The answers to puzzles are as follows. 

* The water bottle. 
* Contents. 
* Pour the water down the pipe. 
* 12:44 (bacteria puzzle). 
* Direction. 
* Up. 
* Swap Horses (two brothers puzzle). 

Easy "Natural Genius" achievement:
The correct answers for the quiz are as follows. 

* Raw materials, strategic advantage, and new markets 
* The theory that everything is opposite but complementary 
* Buddhism, Christianity, Islam 
* Industrialize China's economy 
* Manorialism 

Easy "Ultimate Negotiator" achievement:
You can stall Ryouta at the following situations. 

* Stall four times the first time then hit the girl. 
* Stall three times the second time then hit the girl. 
* Stall one time the third time then hit the girl. 
* Stall four times the fourth time then hit the girl. 

Easy "A Worthy Assistant" achievement:
When speaking with Shigure for the first time choose the following dialog options.

* Her clothes. 
* Hat and jeans. 
* Her body language. 
* Fighting stance. 
* Right hand. 
* Wants to be underestimated. 
* The circumstances. 
* A long time ago. 
* She is testing him.
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