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Love Esquire Cheats

Love Esquire

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

A Simple Guide:
Written by RemTM

This a quick and dirty guide on the game based on my own observations. Iíll let 
someone else do the more detailed dives, and Iíll instead just put together a
 few simpler things here that some players may or may not know about.
-=Time Management=-
* Always make sure to get back home by 12am at night. If you get home any later, 
  you will end up wasting an extra 6 hours of your day, as youíll wake up at 12pm
  the next day. Sleeping on time will cause you to wake up at 6am, which is preferable.
* All training times will take 4 hours (from what Iíve seen so far).
* All player-triggered conversations with the girls will always take 1 hour. Event 
  related conversations will depend on the event.
* Gifting items to girls will not take any time, but can only done once per day 
  per girl.
* Combat outside of the city will take 6 hours to complete on a successful run. 
  Not yet sure if this changes depending on what happens.
* Roughly plan out your day based on all the info above along with travel times 
  between locations.
* Avoid using the time skip option, as that would just be a waste of time you 
  could instead use to move to different locations grabbing items, training, 
  hunting monsters, and talking to girls.

* Not sure if this is due to the harder difficulty Iím playing on, but girls will 
  have certain objects they will like or dislike. While it is preferable to actually 
  give favoured items to the girls at all times, make sure to not give the same gift 
  twice in a row, as the girl will not like it as much. Variety is a good thing here.
* Amy will eventually introduce you to a shopkeeper who will sell you gifts for 30 
  gold, and buy any items/gifts you no longer want. The gifts sold will potentially 
  have a greater impact on the girl being given that gift if she favours it.
* Give Giselle a Giant Grimoire

-=Farmable Items=-
* Home: Milk Bessy every morning
* Castle: Check that flower-ornament-mechanical-statue-thingy in the hallway, and 
  pat the dog in the throne room
* Infirmary: Nab some medical supplies, and check the drawer
* Outskirts: Fish for aÖ uhÖ fish, and find one of 2 other things if youíre lucky

* Taunt early. Only discovered this recently, but if you were to taunt the opponent 
  and take damage, it will increase the amount of loot you can get from 1 to 2. Whether 
  or not that will increase I have not yet found out. Just keep an eye on your HP, as 
  you are much squishier than Hugh.
* After combat, your total gold is based on the gold that you looted along with any 
  mission clear rewards, and then you will unceremoniously be given 1% of all of that. 
* Taunt and Loot will always occur before anyone attacks, while Heal and Cheer will 
  occur after enemies attack.

-=Getting The Girl(s)=-
* If you are gonna talk to the girl, why not also give her a gift?
* I actually recommend prioritising training up your STR, INT and CHA, as each girl 
  will give you bonus relationship points based on your current stats that they 
  favour (10% extra per favoured stat level). I donít know exactly what each girl 
  wants yet though. Still working on that.
* Meeting a girl for the first time nets a nice 40 points. Amy doesnít get that thoughÖ 
  one can only hope your lilí sis wasnít left behindÖ
* Regular gifts a girl favours (items found around the map) will give 4 relationship 
  points. Giving the same gift the next time you meet will net you 2 points if they 
  have grown tired of getting the same thing again. Giving a gift they donít favour 
  will net you 1 point.
* Giving Gaselle items you took from the Infirmary will make you lose the item, with 
  no relationship points at all to speak of. DONíT DO IT!
* Progressing through a girlís relationship storyline will net a whopping 100 
  relationship points, plus the point bonus based on stats!

Romance and Harem Ending Guide:
Written by Raine

-=Romance Endings=-
Here are the choices you need to make to get all their arc scenes (major events, 
the one with exclamation mark thing).

Thanks for the snack, Sis.
Itís good Iíve got someone watching my back.
I'm willing to listen.
Pops loves you.

Is there any way to help these people.
Wanna go for a drink.
Cheer her up.
It's not too late.

Let that anger out.
Beatrice won't like this.
It's nothing like that.
I've checked, she's clear.

It is.
You can't give up.
Will you be able to handle it.

Teach Shrimp a lesson.
She can handle herself.
You owned up to your mistakes.
He'd appreciate it if it's from you.

Relationship with waifu should be at least 5500.
Get romance endings by Month 4 Day 29 latest.

-=Harem Ending=-
I haven't gotten this yet, so I don't know if it works. But you need to get waifu 
romance and give them ocarina in the same run. Do this for all waifu on 5 separate 
runs. The harem ending will play on the last waifu you romance.

Important! Make sure you have the h-patch installed to enhance your romance ending.
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