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Linear Chicken Cheats

Linear Chicken

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievement Guide:
Written by Danero

Quick guide to earn all the achievements in 5 minutes or less.

While the achievements are so easy that I would rate them a 0.5/10 for difficulty, 
it never hurts to have a guide for achievements. This game is neither too hard nor 
too long, but this guide will ensure you get all those shiny achievements.

Click the credits button in the main menu.

-=Ohhh Boy!=-
Start a new game and press up or left arrow instead of right arrow to decimate 
the chicken, earning you this achievement.

-=Feed 42 and Feed 100=-
Unless you actually plan to play the levels legit, you'll want to spam deaths in 
level 1. You'll be pressing R then Right Arrow in quick succession, then waiting a 
second until the chicken hits the block, and then repeating the process until you've 
done it 100 times.

-=Cheater, Game Over=-
For Cheater, press F10 in any level to skip it. To finish the game as fast as possible,
 use F10 to skip through every level you don't feel like playing (possibly all of them) 
until you reach the end of the game, earning you Game Over.
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