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Life is Strange: Before the Storm Cheats

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Graffiti Locations: Episode 1:
01.This one is surprisingly easy to miss. Before you enter the mill head 
   over to the RV with the two guys fighting. Go toward the front and go 
   around left. The Graffiti is on the side in between the windows.
02.This one is blantantly obvious. Enter the mill and before you continue 
   with the story go toward the Mosh Pit entrance. The sawblade hanging 
   on the wall is your target.
03.In Chloe’s room after you get up, go over to the Unicorn poster and 
   interact with it, you should be able to tear it down. After tearing 
   it down, your Graffiti option is in it’s place.
04.Alright, so this one is super easy to miss. When helping David get 
   his tools you need to go to the blue toolbox in the middle of the 
   garage. You just need to open it and get the tools. Now turn around 
   and look at the toolbox, your Graffiti option should now be there.
05.Upon arriving at the school head to your left, the Graffiti option 
   is on the pool building’s wall beside the entrance.
06.Before you grab Rachel’s belt, head to the changing room, there will 
   be a Tempest poster on the door in the back, that is your target.
07.After you’re able to move around on the Train, go over to the crate 
   and move it. You should now be able to reach the back of the train, 
   interact with the writing on the left wall. You should now be able 
   to Graffiti it.
08.Once the cutscene ends, there is a giant statue behind you. Go toward 
   the stone that the statue has it’s foot on, that is your target.
09.Upon reaching the Smash section in the Junkyard go straight to the 
   tall sign, knock it over, then kick the red paint buckets. 
   You should now be able to Graffiti the sign.
10.This one is the most difficult for the fact that if you do it in 
   the wrong order, then you won’t be able to get it. So first, 
   interact with the poster on the back of the seat. You should now 
   be able to tear it down. Now interact with the Graffiti spot. 
   The marker that you need is in the wineglass to your left. 
   Now you can successfully Graffiti the chair.

How to Play the Dress Up Chloe Minigame:
Written by CZBGR Icepick.

For the most part, this game doesn't come with instruction manuals, yet it 
is hella amazeballs the fact that very few people figured out how to change 
Chloe's clothes to their liking. This guide serves to clarify what you should 
be doing so you can have fun dressing up Chloe! It's fairly simple, but 
somehow people need this guide.

-=For KBM Users=-
Finish the concert scene.
In scene 2, Chloe's room, find the dresser (it's the one on the right).
Open said dresser.
To choose clothes, simply move your mouse to find your selection and follow 
the onscreen instructions.
Select your desired outfit.

-=For Controller Users=-
Complete steps 1-3 above.
To choose the outfit, it should be the right joystick 
(mapped to joystick mouse or other), which you use to move the camera.
You know the rest.

For those wondering what the clothes are in Episode 1, the complete set is 
7 outfits in all. Hella big spoilers below, brah!

-=Base Game=-
*Butterfly (Gray shirt, skeleton with fire colored wings, normal dark jeans, 
 black/white/blue sneakers)
*Raven (White shirt, red circle/sun, Rorschach-like/dripping paint black 
 raven in the front, normal dark jeans, black/white/blue sneakers) 
*Firewalk (Black shirt, white Firewalk lighter logo, normal dark jeans, 
 black/white/blue sneakers) * 

-=Bonus Outfits (Deluxe Edition Only)=-
Hawt Dawg Man (White t-shirt, Hawt Dawg Man color logo, Black unzipped hoodie 
(bunnyhug for you Canadians out there), ripped/worn dark jeans, black/white sneakers) 
Illuminati (White tank, Black Illuminati logo, skinny jeans, white sneakers) 
Punk Doe (Black t-shirt over gray longsleeve shirt, Pink "Jane" with doe logo, 
cutoff jean shorts over black leggings, black boots) 

-=Pre-order Bonus=-
Classic Chloe (White shirt, buffalo skull with feathers in black ink, 
ripped/worn skinny jeans, black cowgirl boots) 

*I am aware that when you choose the FireWalk outfit, it's the only one you 
can get a special response from the characters (unless this changes in the 
future). You absolutely MUST steal the shirt in order to have a complete set
to choose to wear it. You may skip stealing it, which also means skipping s
tealing the money for whatever use you may want, but then it will not show 
up in the dresser.

Episode Farewell Easter Egg:
Written by KQLY VACBAN

There is a very cool easter egg inside Chloe's house after you came in from the garden.
You might have guessed already, it is the one in the picture. After you enter the 
house from the garden, go to the chimney where the alternative young Max left a 
butterfly mark.

What happens next with it is for you to find out!
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