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Leviathan: A Survival RPG Cheats

Leviathan: A Survival RPG

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Rough Walkthrough of the Main Story:
Written by koskeusko

Take the wooden sword and explore the cave on the neighboring map. 
Also, make sure you have enough food by fishing.

Gather materials and make leather armor.

Walk to the abandoned house where you can obtain a pick axe and then make a stone sword.

Gather materials by killing level 2 enemies and then make iron armor.

Stockpile some food and water and start heading towards the settlement at the western 
side of the map. Prioritize movement over looking for items to save energy, and also 
avoid level 3 enemies as much as possible. Once you find the place, replenish your 
supplies by gathering items around it. 

Finish the event at the western settlement. Then prepare food and potions and head 
to the knights' stronghold. You are going to have to fight many level 3 enemies, so 
you'll want to be carrying a lot of healing items 

Once you're able to travel to the orcs' territory up north, look for materials to 
make bronze armor. You'll need to various level 3 enemies all over the place to obtain 
the necessary materials. 

Once you finish the armor, go see Noel and hear the information about the dwarf. 
Then, go meet them. 

After meeting the dwarf, return to the settlement. Then, after the event, head to 
the thieves' underground city. There are no battles there, so you don't have to 
prepare food. 

Once you return from the underground city, meet up with the nun in the east and 
obtain the anima weapon. 

To make sure you're ready to hunt magical beasts, you should first kill a bunch of 
level 4 enemies and obtain the materials necessary to make silver armor. 
You'll also have an easier time if you can make fortissimo as your weapon. 

Kill 4 magical beasts to fill the anima weapon and then go talk to the dwarf. 

Make sure you have some amount of potion, and then challenge the final boss. 
It'll go down surprisingly easily.
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