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Leaf Blower Revolution - Idle Game Cheats

Leaf Blower Revolution - Idle Game

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Defeat All Enemies:
Written by TheGoodBoi

How to "Eliminate" the Enemies

-=Steps to Success=-
* So you wanna "destroy all of those before you" because you think it's cool? 
* Well if you found it hard then look no further.

-=The Stats=-
* You'll find that information in the the lines tab at the top of the screen.
* Here you'll find your leaves per tick, and how many leaves spawn per tick.
* You want a lot of this.

* This is the stuff you want.
* Now, if you're just going at the enemy in a straight line, stop.
* Because of the leaves finicky nature, they'll never really go straight.
* You want to strafe around your enemy.
* By that I mean you want to go in a circle around them whenever leaves spawn.

-=Harder Enemies=-
* Well the above will work on any enemy, but want about the leaves needed?
* well you'll need more leaves to kill them each world. Maybe +100 per tick 
  in each world after world 1.

-=Leaf Damage=-
* OK, a regular leaf is not gonna deal the same damage as a void leaf.
* But that won't matter because you'll have an army of leaves by then.
* I guess if you want to optimally kill them all then strafe the void leaves. 
  Keep them in a circle and they'll accumulate fast. When an enemy spawns, 
  you'll know what to do.

Road to Celestial Leaves:
Written by james gives into the voices

So you need 10 000 000 BLC!

I did it in 2 steps, using this method you can get it in 10-11 crunches, or 
in 90-120 minutes, (I recommend putting a movie on another monitor or on your

You don't need to crunch a lot before giving this a go, just be sure to pick 
up some upgrades in master of leaves and what the combo these are the money 
makers, if you have leftover BLC try putting it into the Science Upgrade Bot 
and the converter upgrades.

-=Step 1 (4-5 mins)=-
Focus on getting your green and gold upgrades, most importantly combos. (if you 
cant max out trees get 20 or so and you can invest all your gold into combos at 
this point).

Jump through all your leaves at this point get the trees and the fertilizers.
Once the upgrades slow down, don't invest more time into this run, have your 
first prestige.

-=Spending Your Coins=-
First get all the bots and the converter, put the rest of your coins into Leaf 
upgrades, get more Exotic Leaves then the rest. Any coins you have left you can 
spend on whatever, discount upgrades are not bad, but they aren't needed.

-=Step 2=-
* Turn on your converters (click on start all!!!), and then repeat Step 1
* Buy flasks 1 by 1, don't buy them instantly, upgrade your flasks a little before 
  moving onto the next one (You have to put enough points into your upgrades, or 
  your flasks will run out faster than they are generated and it will limit your 
  strange flask production), you can purchase the Science Upgrade Bot , they will 
  make this process much faster. (getting to this point will take you the longest).
* Once you have established a healthy production of strange flasks start spending 
  all of it on BLC upgrades and you can change areas into The Abyss and start by 
  getting your trees up and running.
* You should be aiming for a BILLION exotic leaves or above / Spawn Cycle (This 
  number will effect your time greatly, you can finish The Abyss in 2 minutes or 
  10 depending on your production, I recommend getting a combo multiplier of 2000 
  if you cannot get near this number try spending some BLC into what the combo 
  upgrade )

Spend all your Exotic leaves on the BLC upgrade, you can pretty much max out 
BLC++, and you have to upgrade Moar BLC until you can crunch for 90k BLC, or 
100K, Don't wait for more.

A Crunch like this should take around 15 to 20 minutes, You should aim for the 
fastest Crunch, and not the most BLC You can get out of it, only wait for more 
BLC if you Buy upgrades really fast at this point.
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