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Later Alligator Cheats

Later Alligator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips to Get Puzzle Pieces:
Written by Surrika-Tunnah
Here is some tips for someone who want to get puzzle pieces. 
you can also check out the Puzzle pieces guide.

1. Clicking when the mouse cursor turns to a magnifying glass on the screen
2. Exhausting certain characters dialogues (Perhaps this also goes for certain 
times of day, I.E the Flower sign creeper only gives a piece at night)

edit 1: Talking to the gator sleeping in the car until exhausted doesnít give you 
it, but if you head inside and then back out and do it again, it grants you another!

edit 2: Some characters have more dialogue when time passes and you come back to them

3. Mini-games Ė So far the only one that Iíve seen give one is the claw minigame at 
the arcade.

Edit 1: Completing the slide puzzle yourself gives you a puzzle piece!

Steam Achievements are not involved, to experiment I went achievement farming and so 
far none of them give puzzle pieces.
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