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Last Oasis Cheats

Last Oasis

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips and Tricks (Playing Solo):
Written by Revolver Axel

This is the fastest way to establish a base while being able to hide all of 
your resources off-map.

-=10 Steps to Stay Safe Playing Solo=-
* Follow the tutorial quest in game, it grants massive exp early.
* Once you get to the "Build a Dinghy Walker" step, complete it, then learn how to 
  build light wooden structures.
* Build a small base (about 2x2 foundations) with an "airlock" room and two doors 
  to prevent people from blindsiding you when you exit your base.
* Place all your crafting stations in this base, (campfire, etc.) along with several 
  storage containers.
* Pack up your base into your Dinghy walker.
* Find a medium oasis with a small population, and transfer your walker over to it.
* Find an isolated or semi-hidden area on this new oasis and unpack your base, then 
  take your dinghy to the edge of the desert, and upload it to the lobby.
* Use a cheap Firefly or Spider Walker (recommend spider once you unlock it) to get 
  back to your base, and let the farming commence.
* When your done playing, store all your materials in your base, take your dinghy 
  out of the lobby, return to your base and pack EVERYTHING up in the dinghy.
* Ride to the edge of the desert and upload the dinghy. Now your base and items 
  are off map and safe.

Make sure you always have more than one walker that can carry a base.

It may take some time to farm, but having an extra dinghy walker or something larger 
that can pack up your base is very important! If you get ambushed on your way off 
the oasis or you're backed into a corner, you need a 2nd walker in order to salvage 
your base or rebuild if necessary.

You can favorite up to five walkers and they will not be destroyed if left behind 
in the lobby for too long. 2 of these should be a dinghy or larger ship that can 
move your base. One more should be a "worse case scenario" spider or firefly walker 
that holds some basic resources and tools, as well as armor and water. This will 
enable you to start re-building immediately without going through the painful 
process of spawning in the desert with absolutely nothing.

The fastest way I progressed in the tech tree was by constantly farming Rupu camps 
and breaking the large crates found around wreckage by dragging them with harpoons. 
A spider walker is ideal for doing this solo, however keep in mind the "Spider 
Walker with Ballista" is separate from the "Nomad Spider Walker." The Ballista 
version cannot pack crafting stations such as campfires inside so be aware of this 
before choosing which one to craft.
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