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Langrisser II Cheats

Langrisser II

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Extra Secret Chapters Guide:
Written by Arty-chan

The story tree in Langrisser II has a couple of chapters with a dotted line. 
These are completely optional though and aren't linked to any achievements. 
Possible spoilers.

If you search for a full story tree of Langrisser II, it lists 3 extra 
scenarios or chapters.

Two extra chapters are triggered in the same way, so there are only two 
sections for this guide.

I tried to keep the spoilers to a minimum but as usual, possible spoilers 
if you haven't gotten up to the relevant chapters.

Extra from Chapter 6: Temple of Muscles

In Chapter 6, you need to get a commander in front of the 2nd statue 
(counting from the left) near the top of the map. As it looks visibly 
different from the other 3 statues, it's relatively obvious once you know 
what you're looking for.

After they've "pressed the button", you'll need to move Elwin to the door 
that opens in the left alcove-like area.

At the end of the Chapter 6 scenario, you will then be asked whether you 
want to explore what you found. Make sure to say yes.

When I was originally researching this, all the sources told me Elwin had 
to do both, but it's possible it was changed in the remake.

Extra from Chapter 8: Let's Go! Quiz Time / Familiar Face

In Chapter 8, you will need to get Elwin next to the middle tile of the 
cliff wall below the far side of the bridge.

At the end of the Chapter 8 scenario, you will then be asked whether you 
want to explore what you found. Make sure to say yes.

The extra chapter (and name) is slightly different depending on which 
story route you're on.

-=Let's Go! Quiz Time
If in Chapter 7, you rejected the offer (so that you're on the "Light 
path"), the version of the extra chapter you get prompts a question each 
time you encounter a squad, except the first (bottom) one.

Middle Left: you're asked for the character's name. This answer is Akitaan.
Middle Right: you're asked for the name of the music. The answer is Bröther.
Lower Top: you're asked what is associated with Bröther. The answer is muscles.
Upper Top: you're once again asked for the character's name, which is Ukkii.
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