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Knights Hunt Cheats

Knights Hunt

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get Weapons and Start a Level:
Written by Ítzi

Short af guide to get weapons and ammo + how to start a level. Took me 
a while too till I found it out. I was playing with grenades only first.
They should just put the weapons somewhere you can pick it up like in 
the other hunt games. Anyway, here's how you're getting started.

-=How to Get Weapons=-
Hit Esc and you will see the option: "Buy weapons" and "Buy ammo". 
The weapons are not named. It just says weapon1, weapon2, etc.

Weapon1 = Knife
Weapon2 = Pistol
Weapon3 = Shotgun
Weapon4 = MP5
Weapon5 = AK-47
Weapon6 = M4
Weapon7 = Sniper
Weapon8 = Katana
Weapon9 = FG (Something like RPG)
Weapon10 = Machine Gun
Weapon67 = Didn't check them all out.

When you bought your weapons, go to inventory to equip them. 
Make sure you have enough bullets. There's a buy ammo menu too.

How to Start a Level

There's a big hanging rug with a tower symbol on it. Go towards it, 
press E when the hand symbol shows up and you'll get a riddle. The 
first riddle is something about pirates so you go to the pirate flag 
and pick it up (press E). When you go back to the rug, you'll be able 
to start the level.

The second riddle is a lantern. It will be close to the rug on the 
table, yet it will only appear after you started the riddle.

The third riddle is a grave stone.

Find the other riddles on your own.
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