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Killzone - Mercenary Cheats

Killzone - Mercenary

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Platinum (Platinum)          : Collect all trophies.
Justice Served (Bronze)      : Complete mission contract ‘Justice For All’.
Decoded (Bronze)             : Complete mission contract ‘Code Of Engagement’.
Strike Out (Bronze)          : Complete mission contract ‘Lightning Strike’.
Foreign Policy (Bronze)      : Complete mission contract ‘Diplomatic Incident’.
Delivered (Bronze)           : Complete mission contract ‘The Package’.
Switched Off (Bronze)        : Complete mission contract ‘Lights Out’.
Bridged Sides (Bronze)       : Complete mission contract ‘Hostile Takeover’.
Target Acquired (Bronze)     : Complete mission contract ‘Blood Money’.
Resolution (Silver)          : Complete all mission contracts.
Above And Beyond (Gold)      : Complete all mission contracts on Veteran difficulty.
Gone Dark (Silver)           : Complete all Covert contracts.
Clean House (Silver)         : Complete all Demolition contracts.
Perfect Execution (Silver)   : Complete all Precision contracts.
Dedicated To The Cause (Gold): Complete all Covert, Demolition and Precision contracts.
Fully Briefed (Silver)       : Collect all intel items.
Firewall Down (Bronze)       : Complete a VAN-Guard hack, making no mistakes.
Come In (Bronze)             : Visit Blackjack’s Armoury during a mission.
Deflector (Bronze)           : Perform a Brutal Melee counter gesture in Multiplayer.
Supply Chain (Bronze)        : Collect the contents from 10 VAN-Guard capsules in Multiplayer.
Anti-Air (Bronze)            : Shoot down 10 enemy VAN-Guard drones in Multiplayer.
Noob (Bronze)                : Complete a Multiplayer game round.
Centurion (Silver)           : Complete 100 Multiplayer game rounds.
Spangled (Bronze)            : Recover after being tranquilised by an enemy in Multiplayer.
Well-rounded (Bronze)        : Win at least one round of all Multiplayer modes.
Heads Up (Bronze)            : Get crushed by an incoming VAN-Guard capsule.
Redeemer (Bronze)            : Rescue an injured teammate in Multiplayer.
Is It Safe? (Bronze)         : Interrogate an enemy.
Boom Headshot! (Bronze)      : Achieve 1000 headshots.
Cutting Edge (Bronze)        : Brutal Melee 12 enemies consecutively.
Marksman (Bronze)            : Kill an enemy at long range.
Aces High (Bronze)           : Attain an ace Valour card ranking.
Full Deck (Silver)           : Collect a full deck of Valour cards.
Millionaire (Silver)         : Earn 1,000,000 Vektan dollars.
Killing Machine (Bronze)     : Achieve a 10 kill streak in Multiplayer.
Ghost (Bronze)               : Brutal melee an enemy from behind whilst using the Ghost VAN-Guard.
Blood Bank (Bronze)          : Kill 10,000 enemies.
I Want That One (Bronze)     : Make a purchase in Blackjack’s armoury.
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