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Kanjozoku Game Cheats

Kanjozoku Game

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Make Money (Few Ways):
Written by qacprox animations

So you just bought the game and want to 2JZ swap your Miata but you donít 
have enough money. I will teach you all the different ways of making money 
in this game.

-=Near Missing Cars=-
You can make money by trying to avoid collisions between you and NPC cars.

Basically you have to drive really close to NPC cars and get a high combo 
in order to get more Yen as your reward.

-=Police Chases=-
You can make money by escaping the police but it might be risky because if 
they arrest you will have to pay a BIG fine. You can start a police chase by 
driving fast near a police car or by ramming into them.

Yes you can make money by racing but you have to be really careful because 
if you lose a race you will have to pay a lot money so i would recommend 
this method the least. And i also have to say that i havenít had much 
experience with racing in this game so i canít tell you exactly how it works.

-=Drifting at the Track=-
I havenít had much experience with this method but you can earn money for 
drifting at the track but i canít tell you how it exactly works.
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