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JQ: Dogs & Cats Cheats

JQ: Dogs & Cats

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Correct Anwers (Achievements Guide):
Written by Pri

All correct anwers in order of appearance.

For each animal there is an info button that will tell you which country it is 
from; you need to click on it to get the country achievements. Do it every 
time you see an (i) in this guide.

Berner Sennenhund (i) 
Greyhound (i) 
St. Bernard 
Welsh Corgi (i) 
Labrador (i) 
Afghan Hound (i) 
Dalmatian (i) 
Akita-Inu (i) 
Shar Pei (i) 
English Bulldog (i) 
Tibetan Mastiff 
Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (i) 
Shetland Sheepdog (i) 
Caucasian Shepherd Dog (i) 
Irish Setter (i) 
Chihuahua (i) 
Weimaraner (i) 
Bull Terrier 
Basenji (i) 
Husky (i) 
Chow Chow 
Shin Tzu 
Poodle (i) 
German Shepherd 
Italian Greyhound (i) 
Komondor (i) 

Tonkinese (i) 
Persian (i) 
Japanese Bobtail 
Russian Blue 
German Rex 
Egyptian Mau (i) 
American Curl 
Sccottish Straight 
Korat (i) 
Havana Brown 
Ukrainian Levkoy (i) 
Sokoke (i) 
Norwegian Forest (i) 
British Shorthair 
Bengal Cat 
Maine Coon 
Manx (i) 
Abyssinian (i)
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