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Iratus: Lord of the Dead Cheats

Iratus: Lord of the Dead

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

General Strategy Tips (for Floors 1-3):
Written by CanuckBear

I'm having fun with this game, sharing some general insights that helped me 
win and enjoy Iratus.

Enjoy Iratus Quickly: Spend the Minimum Amount of Resources

This is true for any strategy game, usually the best tactic is to spend exactly 
how much is needed to achieve something, not more, never waste any resource.

In Iratus, the most important resource is Parts, because if you can build minions 
endlessly you will eventually win.

Of course the game can be won without minimizing the number of Parts spent, but 
this guide is intended for new players, helping with getting to enjoy Iratus quickly.

A few things help us with not spending, and gaining more Parts, just listing them 
here, explaining below:

* Try not to loose any minion in battle, finish battles with all minions healed.
* Invest early in the Library, get the tech to increase chances to gain more Parts 
  (15% should do early on).
* Get Vampires when enemies flee (with Blood Curse).
* Delay upgrading parts, do not use uncommon parts, at least until floor 3.

All of the above are suggesting to spend a minimum amount of Parts to get us through 
the first 2 floors.

Unfortunately, this is limiting our team choices when we start the game.

Imagine we play on Good Always Wins, we use a team like Soul Soul Banshee BoneGolem,
we never loose a minion, always finish fights fully healed, we capture Vampires when 
enemies flee (in total we need a Vampire for each building slot we want to upgrade). 
We can finish floor1 with a total of 6 fighting minions (the initial ones + maybe 
a Shade and a Mummy to help winning faster against the explosive guys and the boss). 
Because we get the Vampires we never spend any Parts to build minions to work in 
the buildings.

The total number of Parts spent to finish floor1 with a "control and heal" team 
could be 24 (not including upgrading buildings). But if we would like to play a 
different style of team, get injured, maybe loose a minion or two, requiring the 
use of Arena, second slot Mortuary, not capturing Vampires, this strategy requires
more than 80 parts. It is a big difference, it could cripple our chances to finish
the run, unless the player is experienced.

In conclusion, my advice for new players is to use an efficient team to finish the 
first floor, then unleash your creativity and play whatever you want on the other 
floors. The success rate, and enjoyment of the game should be higher.
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