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IOSoccer Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

written By Thing'e'
A guide to the common console commands in IOSoccer

Remember that you need RCON access in the specific server and always add ‘rcon’ 
in front of everything.

- exec [config name]
Execute a config that has pre-made commands ready. 
Most commonly used are "4v4.cfg, 5v5.cfg and 8v8.cfg"
Sample: "exec 8v8" will execute the 8v8.cfg config.

- mp_botkeepers 0-1
Enable/disable bot keeper

- mp_humankeepers 0-1
Enable/Disable human players to be a keeper

- mp_timelimit_cooldown [time]
Break time when match is finished before changing map

- mp_timelimit_halftime [time]
Break time when match is at half-time

- mp_timelimit_extratime_intermission [time]
Break time when regulation time is finished

- mp_timelimit_extratime_halftime [time]
Break time when match is at half-time of extra-time period

- mp_timelimit_penalties_intermission [time]
Break time when match goes into penalty-shootout

- mp_chat_match_captains_only 0-1
Only captains can chat when game is live

- mp_captancy_home 0-1
Enable/disable players to pick up captaincy for the home team

- mp_captaincy_away 0-1
Enable/disable players to pick up captaincy for the away team

Most gameplay cvars are hidden but some are accessible.

- mp_offside 0-1
Enable/disable the offside ruling

- mp_extratime 0-1
Enable/disable extra-time

- mp_penalties 0-1
Enable/disable penalty-shootout

- sv_ball_player_banduration [time]
Amount of in-game minutes that player gets banned for a red card

- sv_ball_kickoff_chargeblock 0-1
Enable/disable RMB/M2 to be blocked at kick-off

- changelevel [mapname]
Changes the map

- mp_maxplayers 1-11
Amount of players allowed per side

- mp_shield_block_opponent_half 0-1
Enable/disable players to cross mid-line during warm-up

- mp_ballskin [amount depends on server]
Changes the match ball skin. Order is based on the specific server list.

- sv_alltalk 0-1
Enable/disable players to talk to everyone including the opponent team

- sv_custom_assets 0-1
Enable/disable the use of custom assets on the server, in particular custom team kits

- sv_playerrotation 0-1
Enable/disable player rotation with the keeper. The timing is based on ‘mp_maxplayers’ 
value and divide 90 by that (mp_maxplayers) amount.

- sv_password [password]
Sets a password on the server

- sv_restart [time]
Sets a warm-up time. `0` means that it will go live immediately.

- sv_endmatch
Immediately ends the match at the current time

- sv_toggleplayeryellowcard [user id]
Adds or removes a yellow card for a given player

- sv_removeplayercardban [user id]
Removes a red card ban for a given player

- sv_addplayercardban [user id] [length in minutes]
Adds a red card ban immediately for a given player with the length provided

- quit
Shuts down the server. It will come back up after 15-30 seconds.
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