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Inscryption Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Find Code in Chapter 3 Tips:
Written by Data Corrupted

1.part one is in the cuckoo clock that is glitched into bottopia you 
have to put in a certain time that matches one used on the clock in 
act 1 with the shadow cabin.

2.the middle is hidden in the dark of the quality assurance checkers 
old room think what can light up a part of that room.

3.I donít know currently sorry if you know please comment how to get it.
-=Full spoiler section=-
3 code parts still suprise segment is in the cuckoo clock and it is the wing icon. either it
was strange timing or it is caused by clicking behind the card printer 
machine in the left corner of the main room with P03. On the left of the
machine youíll see a bolt that looks like a bird then just click it like
mad then the clock shows up. find it in the QA checker room in the dark with the camera flash. 
it is on the tombstone and is the skull ní crossbones
3.bottom is the bifurcation icon not sure how to get it. takes you to slime land and you can be a homie to the slime.

3 Blood Deck (or, Why Are You Still Losing?):
Written by thatoneguyDave

Using the 3 blood deck and working to expand its usefulness through first 
round draws and easy built combos.

-=Of Goats and Moles=-
The basics of the deck are very easy to manipulate, but you have to play it safe 
in the beginning. Work to directly either sacrifice, or remove from your deck, 
any other 1 blood sacrifice cards (I usually equip the Mole sigil to the Moose.)

This will allow you to pull the Goat and a Squirrel round one every time, as 
the game is set to give you a basic lvl 1 card to start by default.

-=Exponential Growth and Comboís=-
So youíve removed the Mole and are now stuck with the Goat as your single sacrifice 
card. Whats next? Time to grow your options.

Generally, it should be easy to spot, but keeping your deck to 3 blood sacrifice 
cards is key, but keeping up with the black goat can be a little tedious, so set 
a goal to make sure itís usable.


1.Goat + Cat/Child 13 
  Infinite summon but weak on the field so level it with campfires
2.Goat + Goat + etc 
  Keep stacking goats, you really would only need 2 or 3 to get you through the 
  majority of the game
3.Goat + Cockroach 
  The rebirth effect comes in handy as it will reappear in your hand after each use
4.Elk Totem/Goat in a bottle 
  Less reliable, but still very effective if you find a nice working combo

Once you manage to get a working strategy down, you can really start to focus on 
getting large 1 turn damage setups while splicing any cards you have to keep your
deck to a minimum.
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