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Injustice 2 Cheats

Injustice 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Play as Brainiac:
Successfully complete the story to unlock Brainiac.

Alternate colors and character endings:
Successfully complete any tier of Battle Simulator in Multiverse to 
unlock a character's story ending and their main alternate color.

* Use your character power as much as you want. This is one meter that you 
  shouldnít have to micro manage, as the recharge time is short enough that
  you will likely never be without it.
* Play the story mode even if you donít care about it. NetherRealm put a lot 
  of time into crafing the single player aspect of the game but the true 
  benefit lies in the rewards you will earn. These will go a long way in  
  helping your load outs be ready for online play.
* Sell any gear that you will not use unless itís rare. There is no reason 
  to keep around gear with poor stats as you will be upgrading the pieces 
  that have desired stats with regen tokens. On that note save your regen 
  tokens for gold level gear or for upgrading pieces of gear that fit the 
  play style you want. Do not use them on the first piece of decent gear 
  you find. They are the gameís most effective way of min-maxing.
* Joining a guild is a great way to meet other players who enjoy the game 
  as much as you do. It also opens up access to daily and weekly rewards 
  that you would otherwise not have. There should be no trouble finding a 
  guild through the in-game browser or via codes from various fan sites 
  and message boards. Good luck and have fun!

Donít underestimate the value of dashing, either to escape an enemyís 
impending hit or (more likely) to close the distance between the two of 
you so you can wail on íem. Try following up a dash with a jump and youíll
see how many different angles you can create where an opponent may not 
expect your next attack to come from.

Bounce Cancel:
Dashing at certain points during a combo can throw in a bounce cancel at 
the cost of two bars of meter. This can lead to some very long and extremely
damaging juggle combos or transitions. Again, every character can do this,  
which means learning how to do it should take priority over combos or special
moves specific to any one character.

Easy "It's Showtime" Achievement:
Play a match with any character on the Gotham City map, Empire Theatre arena 
(single match or local versus with two controllers). Push your opponent in 
the corner and change the time in the PS4 settings. It must be 8:00 pm 
(20:00) according to the console time to get the trophy. Set the time to 
8:00 pm manually in the console settings. After changing your console's 
time, switch back to the game and trigger the level transition to get 
the "It's Showtime" trophy.
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