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Infectonator: Survivors Cheats

Infectonator: Survivors

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Change the Intro:
Written by Beginners (but not a N00b)

A simple guide on how to change the intro of the game 
(the one with the reporter, not the Toge Intro).

For this guide you will need:

A copy of a .mp4-file of your choice that is named "Master_Intro" (without the ").

-=Changing It=-
Pretty simple:

* Go to your Steam library.
* Right-click "Infectonator: Survivors".
* Click on properties.
* Go to the local files section.
* There should be a button called "browse". 
* Click it. 
* Your file manager should now open up in a new and separate window.
* You should be able to see multiple files now. Go into the "assets" folder.
* Now go into the “videos” folder.
* There you see one .mp4-file called "Master_Intro.mp4". 
* Delete it and put your replacement file in.
* That’s it! You can now start the game to marvel at the result.

-=Reverting the Changes=-
Even easier and similar steps:

* Go to your Steam library.
* Right-click “Infectonator: Survivors”.
* Click on properties.
* Go to the local files section.
* Click on “Verify integrity of game files”.

That’s it, again! 
Steam will automatically download and replace the file you placed in the folder.
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