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ICED VR Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Survival Guide:
Written by Anea_Duo_Dev

To survive you have to act fast, the cold will not wait when you find a 
new gas can for the burner and the night will not light your way.

* You can just find a bottle of juice and unfreeze it 
  (hold it in your inventory or in a heated tent) 
* You can eat snow but there is a risk that you will get sick 
* You can collect the snow in an empty bottle and defrost it, 
  get some water. 

* You can eat energy bars(add a bit of stamina).
* You can eat sandwiches.
* Fish as the main food resource. You can eat fish raw, fried (fried 
  on a burner) But be careful, you can poison if you eat it uncleaned.

* Production of heat only one rule(later, maybe it will change) - follow 
  the temperature on the clock, it will help you to understand when the 
  tent needs to be heated. You also need to stock up on gas cans to have
  enough heat and not freeze during sleep.

* Try to find a flashlight and batteries for it, it will help move at 
  night or illuminate the tent.

* You need to find a signal gun and charges for it. When you hear that 
  somewhere flies a rescue helicopter-shoot, most likely you will be saved.

* Do not dig all the snowdrifts in a row, look carefully, where there is 
  loot - there are differences in the snow. 
* Use the teleport as a jump. It is also used to enter the tent and to 
  get out of the tent. 
* Leave marks in the snow. This will help you get back to the tent from 
  the maze of ice floes. 
* Leave marks on the snowdrifts that you have seen, it will help not 
  to waste time and attention to them again.
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