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House Party Cheats

House Party

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Enable 18+ Content:
All you need to do is navigate to the following folder, or create it 
if it does not exist:

.../Documents/Eek/House Party/Mods/Censorship/ 

Inside the folder, create a new text file, and call it FuckCensorship.txt
Thatís it! Youíre done! Enjoy!

Console Commands:
Written by BloodyMeli

Just a quick guide with some console commands...
How to Use the Console Commands

Press ~ above your Tab key. Dropdown menu should appear.

-=Warp To=-
warpto vickie player
warpto amy player
warpto brittney player
warpto ashley player
warpto katherine player
warpto stephanie player
warpto rachael player
warpto madison player

Change Stephanie wih what character you want to strip or clothe. 
0 for top, 1 for pants/skirt, 2 panties/boxers, 3 bra/bikini top, 4 shoes.

clothing stephanie 0 off
clothing stephanie 1 off
clothing stephanie 2 off
clothing stephanie 3 off
clothing stephanie 4 off

Theres about 25 poses just change Stephanie with the character you want to pose.

pose stephanie 0 true
pose stephanie 1 true
pose stephanie 2 true
pose stephanie 3 true
pose stephanie 4 true
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