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Hellpoint Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Black Hole Hour Hordes:
Written by FeralBadgers

A short and simple guide directing to the locations of the six horde events 
in Hellpoint that are active during the Black Hole Hour.

-=Sohn District Horde=-
From the corpse pile Breach, go outside and head left. Past the first patrolling 
Daemon is a large gate with a smaller blue door beside it, inside the door is a 
button that will open this gate. The horde event will be inside this gate.

-=Port Issoudun Horde=-
Just outside the vault door that leads to Ozyormy Gojira, Master of Puppets, is a 
room with a hexagon shaped hole in the floor. This room is where the horde event 
will spawn during black hole hours. Completing it will raise the hexagon shaped 
elevator in the center, rewarding you with a couple loot cubes.

-=Arisen Dominion Horde=-
This horde is currently broken, but is at the top of the staircase leading into 
the Arisen Dominion from the Embassy entrance. It is just before you enter the 
main door, leading to the Grand Gallery.

-=Alma Mater Atrium Horde=-
Near the Union Park Breach, just before the Consumer Boss fight. (Where the 
Golden Loot Cube is located pre-Consumer fight.)

-=Arcology Underside Horde=-
Inside the main area, somewhat near the Arcology Underside - Central Mall Breach. 
If you're here during a Black Hole Hour, it's hard to miss.

-=Ikari Walkways Horde=-
From the Crashed Tram Breach, cross the bridge leading towards the Artillery Boss 
Fight. The Artillery boss fight will be down the right path of this walkway, the 
horde will be at the end of the left path. 
(Thank you u/carthoris26 for fixing this.)
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