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Gleaner Heights Cheats

Gleaner Heights

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Treasure Box Locations:
A complete list of where to find the treasure boxes.

Item: Red Bandana 
Location: Hospital Rooftop 
Note: Protection 2

Item: Basic food recipe 
Location: Top-left area of the slope to the Hotel, a bit tricky to enter keep runing around. 
Note: 4 recipes – Fried fish, potato salad,cake, collard greens

Item: Shadow Plum (1) 
Location: Top-left area of the slope to the Hotel, a bit tricky to enter keep runing around.

Item: Shadow Plum (2) 
Location: Bury under circula stone patch at the right dock left of the stair. 
Note: Dig with Hoe, Require Pier repair.

Item: Money Chest (1) 
Location: Bury under circula stone patch at the top right of warn-out storage. (Keep out sign) 
Note: Dig with Hoe. ~$1500

Item: Money Chest (2) 
Location: Hidden behind waterfall. 
Note: Require Pier repair. ~$3000

Item: Swiftskin Boots 
Location: Hidden behind waterfall. 
Note: Require Pier repair. 
Note 2: Protection 3, Increase Movespeed

Item: Warlord Armor Set 
Location: Sail to the right dock and keep walking left. Unaccessible from the Hotel map. 
Note: Require Pier repair, 4 pieces 
Note 2: Protection 8, 18, 13, 4

Dungeon Chest:
Miner Helmet – Random generate in mine – Floor 10 – Protection 9, Increase light radius
Red Potion – Room before Automaton Knight room

Tips & Tricks:
* It can be useful to focus on upgrading your farming skills and fight 
monsters and getting farming related perks and drops from monsters to 
sell before you head over to the mine. And don’t be afraid to save some 
crops you grow to get stamina back so you can get a larger harvest next 
time around.

* In combat, it is much more efficient to “charge” your tool (ie hold 
the attack button) then release when the enemy is in position to be hit, 
instead of just tapping the attack button. Some enemies can be quite 
dodgy and that’s on purpose.

* Treasures. Westend of the map near the lake. On the roof of the 

-=Community Projects reward/secrets=-
Pier: You can get a full armor set on the other pier
There is a hidden cave behind the waterfall you can sail into, there 
will be a chest with ~4k gold and some speed boots.
Well: You can find Dennys sword, after gifting it to him you will be 
rewarded with a shadow plum that increases stamina.
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