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FurryFury Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Ranking Guide: How It Works, How It Scores, How to Be the Best:
Written by Tinek

-=The Basics=-
Your position in FurryFury global ranking is based on Fame points. They are 
earned by winning ranked matches and lost by losing. You will appear on ranking
list (accessible from player info menu section) after playing any ranked match.

Ranking list shows top 50 players, your friends and you. Each record consist of 
(from left to right): player position in ranking, league he is in, his avatar, 
name and Fame points.
There are 6 leagues corresponding with the players Fame: Wooden (0-99 Fame), 
Bronze (100-199), Silver (200-299), Gold (300-399), Diamond (400-499), Champions 
Each player has only one ranking position and score, there are no separate 
rankings for teams, modes etc.

You may chose to play ranked DUEL or BRAWL (2vs2). Just make sure that the 
RANKED button is checked when searching for a game. Notice that you can't 
play ranked DUEL against your teammate, it wouldn't be fair.
Searching for a ranked game is not restricting the player pool in any way. 
You may be matched with players of any rank or even not searching for ranked. 
Same when you search for regular match, you may be matched with ranked players.

-=How It Scores=-
* The match result affect your Fame (ranking score) only if you searched for a 
  game wit RANKED button checked.
* When you win against enemy from the same league, you gain Fame as follows: 
  Wooden league - 12, Bronze league - 11, Silver league - 10, Golden League - 
  10, Diamond League - 9, Champions League - 6.
* When you lose against enemy from the same league, you always lose 10 Fame.
* When battling enemy from different league, each league difference between 
  you modifies the gain and lose of Fame by 2. So for instance if you are in
  Bronze league and win against player in diamond league (3 leagues difference) 
  you gain * 17 Fame (11 + (3*2)). If you lose against the same enemy, you lose 
  4 Fame (10 - (3*2)). In other words: you earn more Fame when winning against 
  more famous, and less against less famous players, and lose more Fame when 
  losing against less famous, and less when losing against more famous.
* When fighting in teams, the team average league is calculated from players 
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