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Football Manager 2021 Cheats

Football Manager 2021

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

In-Game Editor:
The Football Manager In-Game Editor is purchasable through Steam and allows you 
to make real-time edits to your saved games. Once activated, you will notice an 
"Edit" option on various screens and in assorted Actions Menus.

The "Edit" option on the Title Bar will typically allow you to edit "hidden" 
attributes and values, such as a player’s Current and Potential Abilities. The 
"Edit" functionality found within the ‘Actions’ menu, however (click on "Start 
Editing"), will allow you to edit a person’s profile ‘live’, as you see it. 
For example, a player’s attributes and biographical details will turn into 
editable fields whilst editing is enabled, with the values open to alteration.
Once you’re happy with the amendments, click on ‘Stop Editing’ from the same 
‘Actions’ menu section.

You can toggle whether or not the In-Game Editor is active for each saved game 
during the setup process.

You can also toggle whether it appears in the tabs bar or not in the Game 

Set Pieces:
Set pieces are an important element of tactics used by many clubs. In your team 
you can have players who are experts in free kicks, which can contribute to 
scoring more goals. Set pieces can be divided depending on the side of the field
from which they are executed and the scenario (defense or attack). Remember to 
assign players who have properly developed traits in terms of cross-barring and
shooting to execute specific patterns. When executing corner kicks, it’s also 
worth paying attention to the player’s leading leg. The player’s stronger leg 
determines whether he will curve the ball towards the goal or play the ball 
away from the goal. Your players are closely watched by the coaches and if any
of them is not suitable for e.g. throws-in, you will be informed immediately.
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