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Football Manager 2019 Cheats

Football Manager 2019

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

In-Game Editor:
The Football Manager™ In-Game Editor is purchasable through Steam and allows you 
to make real-time edits to your saved games. Once activated, you will notice an 
"Edit" option on various screens and in assorted Actions Menus.

The "Edit" option on the Title Bar will typically allow you to edit "hidden" 
attributes and values, such as a player’s Current and Potential Abilities. The 
"Edit" functionality found within the ‘Actions’ menu, however (click on "Start 
Editing"), will allow you to edit a person’s profile ‘live’, as you see it. 
For example, a player’s attributes and biographical details will turn into 
editable fields whilst editing is enabled, with the values open to alteration.
Once you’re happy with the amendments, click on ‘Stop Editing’ from the same 
‘Actions’ menu section.

You can toggle whether or not the In-Game Editor is active for each saved game 
during the setup process.

You can also toggle whether it appears in the tabs bar or not in the Game 

Making a Transfer Offer:
The Transfer Offer screen allows you to compose your offer in as much detail 
as you like. Begin by deciding whether you want to make a Transfer offer or a
Loan offer. You can also offer a trial or make an enquiry from the player’s 
right-click Context Menu or the Tab Bar, but for the purposes of this section 
we’ll deal with the two main types of offer to make.

Sticking with the Transfer type, you then need to decide upon a fee for the 
player. The information panel to the top of the main screen area indicates the
player’s current estimated valuation and any fee his club are likely to demand 
(if made clear). Unless the player has been transfer listed, you will usually 
need to bid an absolute minimum of his valuation to hold the interest of his 
owners, and most likely have to offer above that to get anywhere. 

The ‘Transfer Date’ allows you to set when the deal will go through. A lot of 
the time you’ll leave this as ‘Immediate’ to go through at the first possible 
opportunity but, should you not have the required funds at the time, or perhaps
leave the player to develop at his former team for a longer period, you can 
have the deal complete at the end of the current season. 

At the bottom of the screen you can decide whether the deal is Negotiable or 
not, and you can set a ‘Decision Deadline’, should you be tight for time or 
simply keen to get the deal done. 

Once you’ve set the core components of your deal, you can begin tweaking it 
with Additional Fees and Clauses to entice the other team into accepting. For
example, you can break down the payment into instalments, or offer add-ons 
based on performance or international recognition. These in particular will
be of interest to any prospective selling club as the potential income in 
months and years to come can help long term financial security and prosperity.

Many aspects of a deal can be insisted upon by ‘locking’ them into place using 
the padlock icon (once for non-negotiable (red), twice for semi-negotiable 
(orange); semi negotiable means the other party is aware that you want to 
insist upon it, but you might be prepared to budge if another part of the 
deal is sweetened), and they can be either removed by clicking on the circular
icon with a ‘-‘ through the centre, or removed permanently and excluded from 
negotiations by selecting that option from the menu produced by clicking it.

There is also the facility to offer a player in a part-exchange deal. This will 
usually only be of benefit if the selling club has an interest in any of your 
players, which your Assistant Manager will inform you of in the comments panel
at the left of the screen. Additionally, you will be informed of any potential
needs they may have in order for you to make an informed judgment if offering 
a part-exchange. Use the ‘Add’ button to include players in the deal.

Once you’re happy with the package, you can either click on ‘Make Offer’ and 
await a response which will typically arrive 24-48 hours later, or you can 
click ‘Suggest Terms’ to negotiate ‘live’ in a bid to get your business done 
swiftly. In this situation, the other party in the deal will tell you what 
they like and dislike about the offer, with colour-coded references around 
the screen leading you to identify which areas need further work if you’re 
to strike an agreement.

Making a Loan Offer:
Loaning players typically benefits all parties. The player gets first team 
football, his owners benefit from the player either developing or not being 
at the team any more, which reduces the club’s wage bill depending on the 
deal, and the loaning team get a player they presumably want, having offered 
to loan him.

Note that you can offer a Playing Monthly Fee and Wage alongside a Non-Playing
Monthly Fee and Wage. In essence this means that you can try to sweeten the 
deal by offering to pay a greater sum and/or contribution should the player 
not play a certain number of minutes for your first team (the rough thresholds
are no minutes, every possible minute, and about halfway between the two), 
perhaps whilst not paying so much for the privilege of actually playing him.
It could theoretically encourage a team to enter into a loan agreement with 
you if they are being compensated for their player not playing, but – as 
with all transfer negotiations – it’s a fine balancing act. 

When composing a loan offer you can set the duration of his spell at your club, 
as well as your wage contribution and any fee you may offer as an incentive for 
his club to accept the offer. A series of clauses and loan options may then be 
configured; for example, if there is any intention to keep the player long-term, 
you can set a ‘Future Fee’ which you can meet at any time and offer the player 
a full time contract.

You are also able to inform the player’s parent club of your intentions for 
him by declaring his role in the squad and the position you’re likely to play
him in.

Player Personalities:
Ambition 16-19, Loyalty 7-9

Balanced can be a lot of things, especially with real life players as they can’t have negative personalities.

-=Born Leader=-
Leadership 20, Determination 20

Determination 1-9, Professionalism 2-4

-=Charismatic Leader=-
Leadership 19-20, Temperament18-20, Sportsmanship 18-20

Determination 18-20

Ambition 6-7, Loyalty 20. *Must also be at a favourite club.

Determination 18-20, Ambition 12-20

-=Easily Discouraged=-
Determination 1, Ambition 1-9

-=Fairly Ambitious=-
Ambition 14-20, Loyalty 10-20

-=Fairly Determined=-
Determination 15-17

-=Fairly Loyal=-
Loyalty 15-20, Ambition 8-14

-=Fairly Professional=-
Prefessionalism 15-17

-=Fairly Sporting=-
Sportsmanship 15-20, Determination 10-14, Ambition 1-14

Loyalty 4-6, Ambition 16-20

Sportsmanship 20, Determination 1-9

-=Iron Willed=-
Pressure 20, Determination 15-17

Pressure 15-20, Determination 1-14

Leadership 19-20

-=Light Hearted=-
Pressure 15-20, Sportsmanship 15-20

-=Low Determination=-
Determination 1-5

-=Low Self Belief=-
Professionalism 2-3, Determination 1-9

Loyalty 18-19, Ambition 6-7

Loyalty 1-3, Ambition 16-20

-=Model Citizen=-
Determination 14-20, Professionalism 15-20, Ambition 12-20, Loyalty 15-20, 
Pressure 14-20, Sportsmanship 15-20, Temperament 15-20

-=Model Professional=-
Professionalism 20, Temperament 10-20

Determination 14-20, Professionalism 14-20, Ambition 14-20

Professionalism 18-19, Temperament 10-20

Sportsmanship 2-5

Pressure 17-19
Determination 15-17, Proffessionalism 15-17

Professionalism 1, Determination 1-9

Pressure 1, Determination 1-9

Pressure 15-20, Professionalism 11-17

Sportsmanship 18-19, Determination 1-9

Temperament 1-4

Ambition 1-5, Loyalty 11-20

Sportsmanship 1

-=Very Ambitious=-
Ambition 20, Loyalty 7-9

-=Very Loyal=-
Loyalty 20, Ambition 6-7
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