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Firewatch Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Gone Home:
In NFS cache #307 (at the edge of the controlled burn area you explore on 
Day 77) is a copy of the book "The Accidental Savior" by fictional author 
Terrence L. Greenbriar. This is the father of the protagonist in Fullbright 
Studios’ game Gone Home.

Literary References:
While not necessarily concerning references to actual literary works (though 
Jane Eyre is available in one of the NFS cache boxes), some of the books in 
Firewatch are references to other franchises.

Metal Gear Solid:
One of the books that Henry brings with him from Colorado to read during 
the summer is “The Patriots”, the shadowy organization behind many of the 
events in the Metal Gear Solid franchise. The book is written by Donald 
Anderson, also known as the DARPA Chief from MGS1, and the cover art 
depicts a star-spangle revolver, clearly referencing the title of MGS4: 
Guns of the Patriots.

Woodland Critters:
In addition to the deer Henry sees while first hiking to Two Forks, there 
are several encounters with the fauna of the Shoshone that can be 
experienced during the game.
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