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Final Fantasy XII Cheats

Final Fantasy XII

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Adramelk summon
Go to the Zertinan Cavern, which can be reached through Nam-Yensa Sandsea, Ogir-Yensa 
Sandsea, Ozmone Plains, or Dalmasca Westsand. Go to the center of Asroza Sandflow (this
area is best accessed through the Dalmasca Westersand) and you will encounter the 
Adramelk Boss. Defeat the Boss to get the Adramelk summon.

Queklain summon
It is recommended that you be at level 45 or higher before attempting to obtain this
summon. First, successfully complete the Mob Hunt mission for White Mousse to get 
the Water Gate Key. Go to the Central Control area and use the Water Gate Key to 
close the gates to the 11th and 4th areas, using the little pedestals on the ground.
Then, go into the 4th Accessory District and find a control for the 1st area gate 
and activate it. Return to the Central Control area and reopen the 11th and 4th gates,
then close the 10th and 3rd gates. Next, go to the 3rd Accessory District and again 
close the switch to the 1st area. Return again and open the 10th gate and close the 
4th. You should now be able to go to the south part of the 1st Control Area where 
you will find the Queklain Boss. Defeat the Boss to get the Queklain summon.

Zodiac summon
Get ten or more Espers and finish the Mindflare Mob Hunt mission (rank B). Next, talk
to Feng Shui Master Yuggil in Jaharago. Then, go to Henne Mines to fight the Zodiac 
Boss. Defeat the Boss to get the Zodiac summon.

Easy Leveling
A great place to level-up in this game is at the Nebulous Dead Lands. Head towards
where the Stone Golem hunt takes place. The Zombie enemies you encounter there are
worth about 1,200 experience points apiece (with the Embroidered Tippet equipped, 
that will be doubled). Additionally, you’ll get chains of around 90 there. Just be
sure to bring plenty of Eye Drops -- you’ll need 'em!

The Immobilize glitch:
Reduce your party members to two people. Have one charecter cast Faith on himself 
and distance yourself from the other. Now cast Immobilize on the character you don't
want and go on until you encounter a monster, when you do switch your party leader 
to the immobilized one, switch back and all enemies will be gone.

Level up Faster with an Ester:
If you obtain an Ester you can level up ONE character 3 times faster. If you obtain
an ester (I would recommend that the first Ester you get you put it on Vaan because
he is the most important character so far)If you train with the Ester you get 3x 
what you normally get of exp. The bad side about it is that you can only choose one
person to permanently be the only one to be able to summon the Ester.

Feather Of The Flock:
When in the Giza Plains during the Rain season, there are five withered trees on 
the banks of the water. Knock them all down and they will float down the river and
cause a path to form in the south bank. Cross it and go all the way to the southeast
corner to find an urn. Open it and you will get the Feather Of The Flock. 
It gives you a bond with Cockatrices.
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