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Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Over the Moon" achievement:
There are four moonstones at the following locations. 

* At the start of the game during the theater mini-game, score 100 nobles 
  impressed and also impress Queen Brahne. Continue until you take control 
  of Steiner for the first time then speak to Queen Brahne.
* There are four colored stones on pillars on the Conde Petie Mountain Path.
  Collect and insert all of them in the statue past the Moogle. 
* Give an emerald to the friendly Jabberwock in a forest on the Forgotten 
* Complete the Stiltzkin side quest and purchase his last bundle for 5,555 

Easy "The Ultimate Fork" achievement:
Catch 99 frogs with Quina. Quale will appear and a fight will begin. 
Defeat him to get the ultimate Fork. 

Easy "A-Hunting We Will Go" achievement:
Do not kill anything with Zidane unless it is necessary. Enter the Business 
district and wait for the timer to reach the four minute mark. Walk to the 
Weaponsmith and fight the Zagnar. Allow Zidane and Freya to attack themselves.
Both will get disqualified and Vivi will win by default.

Easy "Another Man's Treasure" achievement:
Any item found that is non-repeatable will count as treasure. After get the 
airship, visit a secret town named "Daguerro". Inside is a four-armed man who
will tell you your rank, but not exact number. To reach an get "S" rank, you 
will need 300 points. Points are earned by performing the following trask. 

* 1 point for each item found by checking maps or given through events. 
* 1 point for each treasure chest opened.
* 1 point for every auction house key (non-repeatable) item purchased. 
* 2 points for every Chocograph, Bubble, or Crack treasure found. 

Concentrate on finding hidden items in missable areas, especially packs 
because they map count for multiple points. For example, the belltower card 
stash can be obtained twice for a total of 5 points. The foot race and jump 
rope events also give multiple items.

Easy "One Nag Too Many" achievement:
Call Moogle from the world map and close the dialog without performing any 
action repeatedly until he says "STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT! KU-PHEH!" to 
get the "One Nag Too Many" achievement.

Easy "Track Star" achievement:
This can only be done at the start of Disc 3 in Alexandria while controlling Vivi, 
shortly after Queen Brane's untimely death. After the cinematic ends and you are 
in control of Vivi, walk to the right until you encounter a Hippomother and her 
son. Talk to her then race the small Hippo for cards. When Hippo loses, he will 
gain one to five levels, depending on the distance between Vivi and himself. 
The further you are ahead, the more levels he will gain. Repeat the process until 
he he reaches level 80 to get the Athlete Queen. Note: Do not speak with Blank or 
you will not be able to race the Hippo again. Also, ring the church bell for the
Shiva and Ramuh-Cards.

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