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Fap Queen Cheats

Fap Queen

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievement Guide (Walkthrough):
Written by Pris

* Choose "I know this" to start playing. 
* Don't wait too long on choices like "Edge!", or what speed you want , 
  if you wait, you'll be punished. 
* Some choices will stop the game, make sure to pay attention every now and then. 
* You'll be idling most of the time, ignore choices like "Oops I came...", 
  "Mercy!" or "Let me c u m!", unless it's explicitly stated in the guide. 

Pick 20 minutes, Deny and Mandatory.

Just wait. Always choose "Edge!", and pick any speed when asked, speed won't affect. 
After 20 minutes game will end automatically.

-=One thousand.
That is nice.

That is what you wanted, right? Right?

-=Promise and deliver!=-
That is some serious willpower.

-=Pick 20 minutes, C u m and Mandatory.=-
Wait until you've gotten past 20 minutes (set a timer or something so you don't forget) 
and then, choose "Let me c u m!" and pick "You". Keep in mind that you have to do this 
manually, game won't alert you when 20 minutes have passed.

You ended the game with the Queen, aka. best ending.

-=Pick 10 minutes, C u m and Skippable.
Wait until you have gotten past 10 minutes and then choose "Let me c u m!", you'll 
be punished by the Succubus, choose "'I came..." to get the achievement.

-=That might hurt a little...=-
You ended the game with the Succubus.

Start a new game with any settings, and choose "Oops I came..." right away. 

Pick 10 minutes, C u m and Skippable.

Click on "Mercy!" to make the Succubus appear, wait there until you get hit 100 times...

-=Hundred Strikes=-
We all know why you got this.

Now keep clicking on "Mercy!" (about 4-5 times) and "Skip punishment" to get the 
last achievement.

Afraid of the Succubus, are we?
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