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Fallout 4: Contraptions Workshop Cheats

Fallout 4: Contraptions Workshop

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Object IDs:
Use one of the following values with codes that require an [object id] variable.

Effect                             Code
Mortar Shell                     - 063b71
Firework Mortar                  - 063b73
Weather Change Shell - Clear     - 000900
Weather Change Shell - Rain      - 000901
Weather Change Shell - Radstorm  - 000906
Emergency Flare Shell            - 00092b
-=Logic Gates=-
AND Logic Gate                   - 000893
NAND Logic Gate                  - 000899
NOR Logic Gate                   - 00089a
NOT Logic Gate                   - 00089b
OR Logic Gate                    - 00089c
XOR Logic Gate                   - 00099c
XNOR Logic Gate                  - 000d26
-=Paintball ammo=-
Blue Paintball                   - 000d92
Green Paintball                  - 000d95
Red Paintball                    - 000d96
Orange Paintball                 - 000d97
Glow Paintball                   - 000d98
White Paintball                  - 000d99
Yellow Paintball                 - 000d9a
Pyrotechnic Mill                 - 000abe
Food Processor                   - 000aa5
Builder (Basic)                  - 000a36
Weapon Forge                     - 000a50
Energy Weapons Forge             - 000a69
Heavy Weapons Forge              - 000a6a
-=Miscellaneous items=-
Steel Ball                       - 000977
Pillory                          - 000aad

Easy "Time Out" achievement or trophy:
Build a pillory (under "Resources", then "Miscellaneous"). Select a settler 
and assign him to the pillory. Then, reassign him to other work.
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