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Fade to Silence Cheats

Fade to Silence

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Not Die (Survival Guide):
Written by Tyler1274

How not to die in Fade To Silence. Instances such as starvation, hypothermia, 
killed by monsters, and murdered by psychotic people.

This guide's primary goal is to assist you in the various health threats you 
may encounter in early gameplay. The two easiest ways to die early on, especially 
if you're new to the game, is starvation and hypothermia.

There are several ways to die, however. You can be killed by the various monsters 
you will encounter, mostly Spitters and Rippers, or you can be killed by a person 
suffering a psychotic break. You may be unlucky enough, or stupid enough if you're 
like me, to walk off an ice ledge and fall to your death. 

-=Environmental Death=-
The most common ways to die are from hypothermia, starvation, and falling to 
death. Hypothermia is the most common way to die. The easiest way to avoid this 
is to try to stay near shelters and make sure you have enough sticks to be able 
to make a fire or two. It is also a good idea to get the fiber coat early on to 
help keep you warm.

Starvation is a serious threat to those new to the game. It is best to either 
keep food in your inventory or to keep a fire for cooking grubroot as you find 
it. That's all there really is to avoid starvation, other than staying close to 
home (which only works if you have food stockpiled). 

The last environmental death is falling. The one guaranteed way to avoid dying 
by falling is to avoid high places. You simply need to be careful around ledges. 
And be aware that unexpected lag can throw off hte controls and cause unfortunate 

-=NPC Deaths=-
NPCs are common and can kill you fairly easily. The monsters are the most common. 
To avoid being hit is fairly easy with a bit of practice. 
All that you need to do is block and roll. It's the same for hostile NPCs.
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