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Factorio Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

-=How to open the console=-
Using the Factorio console is surprisingly simple. 
Just open the chat box (default is ~ or /).
If you can't find the right key: open the options screen and look for 
controls, you should be able to find a control named "Toggle Lua console" 
with a key right next to it.

If you want to repeat a previously executed command, press the up arrow 
on your keyboard to scroll through the chat/command history.

You can use the console to spawn items, walk faster, unlock researches 
and many more. Here's a bunch of useful commands.

Mine faster (Default - 1).
/c game.player.force.manual_mining_speed_modifier=100

Craft faster (Default - 1).
/c game.player.force.manual_crafting_speed_modifier=100

Laboratories research faster (Default - 1).
/c game.player.force.laboratory_speed_modifier=100

Complete all researches 
(This activates all researches as if you have researched them).
/c game.player.force.research_all_technologies()

Zoom out further than usual (Zoom resets when you zoom in again. 
Note: values below 0.07 are buggy and impact game performance negatively).
/c game.player.zoom=0.1

Always daytime
/c game.always_day=true

Set game speed 
(Warning: higher speeds negatively affect your framerate/game performance).
/c game.speed=2

Kill all biters
/c game.forces['enemy'].kill_all_units()

Spawn items 
(Internal name: iron-plate, copper-plate, coal, steam-engine, submachine-gun, 
etc. You can find more internal item names here.)
/c game.player.insert{name='internal-name', count=1}

Speakers Guide (Low on Fuel):
Written by Bosnjo_isak.

Speakers can come in very, very useful, and can potentially save your base 
from a slow stop.

-=What are They? Use?=-
Speakers are...speakers. There isn't much to them. Even tho they are simple, 
speakers can inform you that something is about to, or alreay has, gone wrong 
with you factory, or a part of it.

-=Here's How You Set Them Up...=-
You get speakers realatively early in the game. (Reaserch circuit newtork). All 
you have to do is connect the speaker to something (on my case, a storage tank, 
where I store light oil).

After that, you have to set a condition when will the speaker go of. In my case, 
I've set the speaker to go of when there is more than 20000 oil in the tank. 
Make sure you set the alarm to be heard thoroughout the map. If you happen to 
have multiple alarms, it might be a good idea to give them an icon, 
and to show on map.
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