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Excaliburian!! Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Ancient Coin Locations:
Written by Majd Rouhana

Details the location of each ancient coin.

Starting from Alexandria, going mostly counterclockwise.

Forest in between Alexandria and Midura
Forest east of poison swamp (north of the pirate hideout)
Tall grass east of the Fairy Forest
Darker grass east of the Fairy Forest (right under the brown mountains)
Poison swamp (north of the pirate hideout)
Mountain range northeast of Elfame
Forest east of Framheim
Forest east of Vangaria
Forest west of Tyrcus
Small forest east of the travel shrine leading to Calnaneau
Forest west of the Vampire Cave
Brown mountain range to the northwest of the Vampire Cave 
(on the other side of the tall mountains)
Brown mountain range south of the Vampire Cave
Dark grass south of Avalon
Forest south of Avalon
Dark grass west of Arthur’s house
Forest near Arthur’s house
Forest east of the coliseum
Tall grass east of the coliseum
Brown mountain range past the eastern desert mountains
Island east of desert
Forest north of Mersina
Forest north of the previous forest
Forest north of that previous forest (again)
Forest west of the Tower to the Heavens

Barrel next to the pub
Barrel near tall house with flowers
Inside well (right under one of the stalagmites)

-=Alexandria Castle=-
2F flower bed (west side)
2F flower bed (more towards the center)
Pot inside the eastern prison cell (need “Magic Key VALUE!” to open door)

Wardrobe inside Falcon’s house (need “Thief Key” to open door)
Wardrobe inside the indoor hot springs
Inside well (to the left of one of the stalagmites)

-=Midura Mines=-
Mimic (B1 near the middle stairs)
Chest (B2, hidden behind crates on the western side)

Within the shadow of the item shop
Flowers near the well
Behind the middle grave in the top row
Wardrobe Inn
Pot church
Wardrobe throne room
Well (under a stalagmite)

-=Tarnhelm Temple=-
Tall grass to the west
Tall grass to the northwest
Tall grass to the northeast
Tall grass to the east
Tall grass to the southeast

In the grass to the right of the fish
Behind gravestone
Crate on one of the docks
Wardrobe Inn 2F
Barrel on the dock where you get the ship
Inside well (west side)

-=Palscea Palace=-
Western flower bed
Near the northeastern corner
Wardrobe 1F

Darker snow in the graveyard
To the right of the church
North of the log cabin
Wardrobe Inn 2F
Inside the well (to the left of the southernmost stalagmite)

-=Ice Cave=-

Wardrobe Inn 2F
Wardrobe inside house
Wardrobe inside barracks
Well (under a stalagmite)

-=Vangaria Castle=-
Pot 1F

Tall grass west of the left tent you see right when you enter
Tall grass north of the left tent you see right when you enter
Flowers north of a western tent
Tall grass north of the tent that connects to the animal pen
Tall grass east of the northernmost tent
Pot (tent with the mother and child)
Drawer in big tent
Sack in the northeasternmost stand

-=Abbey of St. Lilia=-
East flower bed behind abbey
Behind the topmost grave (the one with the statue)
Wardrobe on 1F, west wing

Inside chest on a pedestal, last area (Missable!)

-=Pirate Headquarters=-
Tall grass east of the first set of torches
Tall grass in the southeast corner
Tall grass near the northeast
Tall grass near the northwest

Pot by bridge
Small island (talk to the ram while facing up)
Wardrobe Inn
Well (under stalagmite)

-=Sea Cave=-
Chest (surrounded by magma)
Al Sheba
Pot (by barracks)
Wardrobe Inn 2F
Pot (inside house)
Wardrobe (inside barracks)

-=Qasr Al Sheba=-
Tall grass right under a western palm tree
Tall grass right above an eastern palm tree
Tall grass in the northeast corner
Tall grass in the northwest corner
Sack on the east side
Barrel 1F (need “Magic Key VALUE!” to unlock door)
Wardrobe 1F

-=Pyramid of Al Sheba=-
Cheap Trick 1F
Cheap Trick 1F
Cheap Trick 2F
Cheap Trick 2F
Cheap Trick 2F

-=Arthur’s House=-
Tall grass to the west
Tall grass near the middle, left side
Tall grass near the middle, right side
Sprout in the garden
Tall grass to the north
Behind a tree near the house
Wardrobe inside house
Pot inside house

Dark grass by the water
West flower bed (by the female warrior)
East flower bed (by the female warrior)
Within the small space between the pub and the railing east of it 
(talk to the ram while facing up)
To the left of a tree (talk to the ram while facing up)
Wardrobe (house)
Inside well (at the corner of the easternmost stalagmite)

Seaweed to the southwest
Seaweed to the west
Seaweed in the northwest
Seaweed all the way to the northwest
Seaweed to the east, next to an oddly-shaped boulder
Seaweed to the northeast

Northeast corner of the casino building
Northwest corner of the casino building
Left of the inn
Flowers north of the small pool
Inside well (to the right of a stalagmite)

-=Fairy Forest=-
Yellow flower bed near the middle
Tall grass to the west
On the yellow flower in front of a pink tree
Behind a pink tree
Behind another pink tree
Yellow flower near the stone monument
Behind a pink tree near a treasure chest

Under the southernmost moon stalagmite
Up the stairs in the platform to the right of the Undead Knight
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