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Evil Defenders Cheats

Evil Defenders

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Every level has a landmark that should be used to your advantage. 
Strategically place towers around these chokepoints to maximize 
their damage. Some of these landmarks must be activated manually
by spending gold.

Your towers can do physical and magical damage. Refer to the library
to see which type is more effective against a particular enemy. When
a new enemy appears, tap the small exclamation mark at the top right
of the screen to view their information. Below their health will be 
a red or blue shield and the words "none", "low", "average", or "high".
The red shield represents physical resistance and the blue shield is 
magic resistance. Its description shows its amount of resistance. If 
an enemy has high magic resistance, use physical damage towers and 
vice versa. 

Position slow and powerful towers near disabling towers. For example, 
partner the Apprentice tower which does large amount of magic damage 
but has a long cooldown with the Sleeping Lizard tower, which slows 

Put your abilities to good use. Use Lighting Strike when enemies are 
clustered together. Teleport will send enemies back a short distance 
to keep them inside kill zones; MacHellman does good damage and is an 
invincible friendly unit. Enemies will target him but never bring him 
down, making him an ideal distraction.

Easy "Boo!" achievement:
You actually only have to scare at least fifty enemies in a mission.
Consider doing this on "buried paths" because of the totem.
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