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Euro Truck Simulator Cheats

Euro Truck Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Use a text editor to edit the "config.cfg" file in the game directory.

-=Change the lines=-
uset g_console "0"   to uset g_console "1"
uset g_developer "0" to uset g_developer "1"
Then, press ~ during game play to display the console window.
Enter one of the following codes.

Code               Result
cheat money      - +50,000 cash
edit             - Open map editor

Cheat mode (alternate):
Use a text editor to edit the "game.sii" file in the game directory. 
Change the values that follow these variables to edit the corresponding 
effect in the game. 

total_distance: *********     
undamaged_cargo_row: ********
service_visit_count: ******   
gas_station_visit_count: ******
emergency_call_count: *******
ai_crash_count: ******* 
truck_color_change_count: *******
total_fuel_litres: ***********
total_fuel_price: ***********
money_account: *************

Submitted by: RM

Use a text editor to edit the "game.sii" file in the game directory. Change the 
values that follow these variables to edit the corresponding effect in the game.

Change the lines: 
current_career_level [number]       to current_career_level "5"
current_career_star_count [number]  to current_career_star_count "5"

No more police:
Use a text editor to edit the "config.cfg" file in the game directory. 

Change the lines:
uset g_police "1" to uset g_police "0"

No Traffic:
If traffic makes you problem to get the top speed, just open the "CONFIG.CFG"
with an TEXT EDITOR (Recommended NOTEPAD), and Change the lines:

uset g_traffic "1" to uset g_traffic "0". 

Now you can enjoy without any traffics!

Easy Trucking:
Submitted by: Aston

While you are playing your game press on your keypad (F) this will put on your 
hazard lights on and no cars will overtake you.

Ouick money cheat:
Submitted by: menno

* Go to the map: C:\Users\My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator\save
* There open your save game
* You will see the file: "game.sii"
* open this file with notepad.
* find this "object":

bank : _nameless.0D2A.B668 {
money_account: *******

On the place where the stars are, you can typ your own amount of money you want in
the game. Just save it and your done.

Note: You must have already made a savegame and dont forget to backup the file before
you change anything.

Hacking the game!!:
Submitted by: dino
Email: dinosbinos@yahoo.com.au

Now first shearch on google cheat engine 5.5 then open the program (after downloading)
and open the game when it starts press alt-tab (to minimize) then go to the top left 
and press the shine pc and press it go to the bottom of the list and choose euro truck
then put the ammount of your money click first scan the go back to the game spend ome 
money ro get some money and press alt-tab again go back to the cheat engine and click 
next scan if you get alot of adrreses go back to the game and spen or get some more 
money and then next scan now double click on the adrres and open the calculetor and put
the ammount of the result then multiply by 8 a couple of times and double click on the 
value again and and paste the number if you dont get it try anather time and if you 
steal dont get it email me or go to the youtube and shearch "how to hack euro truck 
simulator" il put this video as soon as posible!!

Submitted by: RoBeRtO

This links will give you a mod for Euro Truck Simulator.

For this mods you need to install WinRAR.





When you have downloaded a mod, you need, to do all "SCS-Files" in:

C:\Users\*your username*\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator\mod

BE WARNED: By some mods the game CAN have a bog.

But I wish you a happy playing with the mods...

Custom transmission:
Start the game and create a user profile if one does not already exist. Enter the 
folder that corresponds to that user profile in the 
"\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator\Save" directory
and open the "game.sii" file with a text editor. Modify the value of the rpm_limit 
line as desired. Note: Your truck has nine gears. For example, a 15000 rpm limit 
will set your first gear km/h to about 75 and you will accelerate very quickly.
It is highly recommended to use the manual transmission option for this trick. 
You also must do this for each new truck.

All countries:
Start the game and create a user profile if one does not already exist. Enter the
folder that corresponds to that user profile in the 
"\Documents and Settings\[user name]\My Documents\18 WoS ExtremeTrucker" directory
and open the "job_manager.sii" file with a text editor. Set the value of the 
exp_points line to a very high number (for example, 30,000).

Job reward customize:
Submitted by: ajudotcom
Email: ajudotcom@gmail.com

Job reward customization

In some levels in euro truck simulator you have to make some money by doing some job 
to complete the star. 
So here you can change the job reward which is generally a very low amount to a value 
that you want. Follow these steps:-

Run the game and take a job. Save the game before delivering the cargo. 
Then quit the game.
Go to .../Documents/Euro Truck Simulator/Save/go to the latest folder generally a 
numerical number(eg. 49)
Then open the file "game" with notepad. 
Then scroll down to "reward:****" . Sample is given below. (reward:4440 is in this case.)

player_job : _nameless.29DE.4700 {
source_city: "@@ui_warsaw@@"
target_city: "@@ui_vienna@@"
target_city_tag: vienna
cargo: "@@cn_yogurt@@"
cargo_type: yogurt
target_placement: (&46a99e7e, &41ba8888, &c53c91eb) (&3f3504f3; 0, &3f3504f3, 0)
start_time: 87829
warning_state: 0
source_company: company.volatile.eurogoodies.warsaw
target_company: company.volatile.sellplan.vienna
reward: 4440
over_weight: false
timed: false
time_limit: 0
fragility: &3f19999a
driving_distance: 503
driving_time: &468c7050

Then Change this value(4440) to your desired amount.
Save and close it.

Start the game. Load the game which you saved last time. while loading it may take 
some more time than usual. 
Now play the game and deliver the cargo. SURPRISE!!! you are rewarded with the huge 
amount that you entered earlier.
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