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Endless World Cheats

Endless World

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Currency, Equipment, Artifacts and More:
Written by AlexDGT

There are a variety of different currencies in the game, each with a unique method 
of acquisition and use.

Coins: Used to upgrade stats and equipment. 
Obtained by clicking on the world and killing monsters.

Souls: Used to level up mercenaries.

Lunar Essence: Used to upgrade maximum lunar power.

Time Key: Equivalent to 16,200 Time Energy(1 hour of progress) for the Time Clock.

Diamonds: Can be used in the Shop and Taverna. Obtained by

Mana Crystals: Used to unlock Artifacts.

Dark Iron: Used to craft, fuse, and customize equipment.

Flowers: Given to friends in Endless World.

Hero Medal: Used to switch mercenaries

Dragonscale: Used to upgrade artifacts.

Common Teleport Stone: Used to teleport teams to Dungeons.

Rare Teleport Stone: Used to teleport teams to Dungeons. 
Obtained by completing daily tasks out of the reward chests.

Souvenir Coin: Used to redeem resources in the Shop. 
Obtained by completing Endless Click tasks.

Arena Coin: Can be used to purchase resources in the Shop. 
Obtained by winning in Arena.

Throughout the game, there are various tasks for you to complete to earn currency 
and progress. Here is a quick overview of each type.

-=Guided Tasks=-
Guided tasks are located at the top left of the screen. These tasks range from reaching 
a certain level, to fusing items, to upgrading mercenaries. Guided tasks reward a variety 
of different currencies, including diamonds, souls, and mercenary shards, which are used 
to craft new mercenaries.

-=Daily Tasks=-
Daily tasks reset every day and reward task points when they are completed as well 
as additional currency rewards. Daily tasks include winning Encounter battles, defeating 
Mimics, customizing equipment, and sending flowers to friends. Task points earned from 
completing daily tasks award bonus rewards including Time Keys, teleport stones, diamonds, 
and more.

-=Endless Click Tasks=-
Endless click tasks reward you for interacting with the background of the game. 
You receive Souvenir coins as a reward for clicking on a certain number of pipes, 
airships, pinecones, etc.

-=Achievement Tasks=-
Achievement tasks require the player to complete a wide range of progression based 
tasks and reward all different currencies including Diamonds, Teleport Stones, 
Dark Iron, and more.

I strongly suggest that you complete as many tasks as possibly as currency is used 
to increase your power and will make progression easier.

Equipment can be obtained by killing bosses. So far, each boss has dropped 4 green 

Three items of the same type can be fused together for a low amount of gold and 
dark iron. This will increase the stats of the item and will sometimes increase the 
color(rarity) of the item as well.

-=Equipment Types=-
Equipment types in Endless World include Rings, Weapons, Necklaces, Helmets, 
Chestplates, and Greaves.

-=Item Rarity=-
There are currently four types of item rarity in the game.

Common (Green)
Rare (Blue)
Epic (Purple)
Legendary (Orange)

Artifacts are a defining part of progression in Endless World. Each artifact has 12 
forms, which can be unlocked using Mana Crystals. To level up an artifact, you use 
Dragonscale. Artifact upgrades increase all of your stats and additionally come with 
3 unique skills. You can also use the Artifact's unique "Awaken" ability to increase 
your power for a short amount of time. Artifact levels and forms persist even through 
Time Rewinds.

-=Here is a list of all the artifacts in the game=-
Sword of Annihilation - Automatically unlocked during the tutorial
Feather of Windrunner
Gaea's Shield
Devastating Hammer
Infinity Edge
Delin's Scepter
Axe of Laurian
Black Crux Bow
Phoenix Guardian
Midas' Staff
Wayne's Wing
Scythe of Death
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