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Endless Legend Cheats

Endless Legend

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Activating Modding Tools:
You will have to enter a special command in order to enable these tools: 
"enablemoddingtools" in the launch options of Steam for Endless Legend 
(right click, "Properties", "General tab, "Set Launch Options" button).

Warning: Steam achievements and multiplayer sessions are not available 
when these tools are enabled.

Once you’ve done that, launch a game, press tilde key or enter (to 
activate the chat which is actually the console) and enter /?: 
this should give you access to several cheats. 
Note: Cheats are case sensitive.
If you just type in /ShowMeTheResources without any context it gives 
you 999 over every strategic and luxury resource along with 890 pearls 
and 9k influence.

Useful Tips & Tricks:
* Explore a lot to scout nice areas to colonize.

* Building a city on anomalies can yield approval bonuses along with the 
  other anomaly bonuses.

* Consider using specific heroes and city locations to specialize some cities 
  (for example a city in a forest with lots of industry combined with a wild 
  walker hero governor with industry boost and industry artifact or a city 
  with lots of science and a vaulter or ardent mage hero governor and a 
  science artifact) get to know your heroes there are interesting differences 
  between them.

* Expand as much as possible while keeping disapproval manageable.

* Remember population is power.

* Retrofit obsolete armies and equip the best gear possible.

* Faction quests are fun, they reveal game lore and give you very useful 
  buildings and items or heroes. But when doing them keep an eye on your empire 
  management priorities.

* When producing settlers, no food is produced so you can move all the food 
  workers to industry to produce them faster. Equip movement enhancing gear on 
  settlers for faster colonization. Clear the region of hostiles before colonizing, 
  pacify villages. Have your settler army unit as a separate army from your scouting 
  army. If an army gets into a battle be sure to uncheck the settler unit from 
  reinforcements otherwise it will enter combat and commit kamikaze suicide!

* A city borough also serves as an extractor if located on a resource.
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