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Emily Is Away Cheats

Emily Is Away

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

To enter these codes, you must reset all progress and enter the codes 
when typing in your screen name. Entering these screen names will 
unlock respective icons. (Your first name does not need to be the 
first name of the character)

Effect                           Name
All icons unlocked             - password123
Actual Sun Light               - Sunlight
ArcadeFire icon                - A*Fire
BioShock icon                  - Bioshock, daddy
Borderlands icon               - BorderLands
Brad's icon                    - Brad
Brad's icons                   - BradDarko23
Chilled Chaos icon             - Chilled Chaos
Cibele icon                    - cibele
Coheed and cambria icon        - grimecraft
ColdPlay icon                  - Emerly35
Crafting icon                  - Minecraft, Notch
Daft Punk icon                 - Daftpunk
Death From Above 1979 icon     - DFA1979
Disco Dodgeball icon           - disco, dodgeball
Dota icon                      - dota,valve
Elegy for a Dead World icon    - elegy
Half-Life icon                 - Freeman, Half Life
Her Story                      - H3RST0RY
hjtenchi's i-con               - Hjtenchi
Interpol icon                  - interpol
Job Simulator icon             - JobBot
Julie's icon                   - julie, jules
Kappa icon                     - kappa, twitch
ModestMouse                    - ModestMouse
Mushroom 11 icon               - mushroom
Nine Inch Nail icon            - NineInch
Prodigy icon                   - Prodigy
RadioHead icon                 - RadioHead
Robot Loves Kitty icon         - robot, kitty
Sigur Ros icon                 - Sigurros
Snow Patrol icon               - Snow*Patrol
Stanley Parable icon           - stanley,cheat
Stroke icon                    - stroke
The Binding of Isaac           - Isaac666
The Binding of Isaac icon      - Isaac
The Walking Dead icon          - zombies
Travis                         - TravisDaMan
Travis' icon                   - Travis
Vault 111 icon                 - Fallout
Zelda icon                     - Triforce
Vault 111 from Fallout 4!      - vaultboy
His Name is John Cena (Steam)  - JohnCena
Cake                           - Chell
buddy icons                    - Clippy
flowey the flower!             - undertale
Doge icon                      - muchusername
Dota icon                      - Dota2
Elegy icon                     - Deadword
Jacksepticeye                  - The green eye icon
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