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Echo Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

-=Tips & Tricks=-
* Clones are 1-day copy. You can adjust your strategy freely as long as 
  you keep it in mind. Happily walk over water if you aren’t going
  anywhere near water the next day etc. As in “their day 2 behavior 
  (day+night) = your day 1 behavior during day”, “their day 3 behavior 
  (day+night) = your day 2 behavior during day”.
* You can also push them and then run slightly further. 
  They usually will not follow because they’ve lost you.
* Elevators are your best friend. Just spam the E button and you are 
  immune to death. Yes, even if there were enemies on both ends. 
  It also advances day to night.
* Don’t eat during day.
* Clones who die 7 secs (during night) prior to day time will not 
  respawn. The transition is indicated by some sound effect.
* Each transition to day time will render the clones useless for 
  about 3 secs. You can do risky stuff or takedown one of them 
  during this time.
* Shouts are useful when you are next to a pillar. Lure enemy to 
  you while you merry-go-round it for a silent takedown.
* Struggle with 3 clones is instant death but struggle with 2 is 
  great since it means they will both be knocked down. Do it when 
  there’s only 2 enemies since the 3rd one will still get you if 
  you did that.

Cosmetics and Features:
All the orbs for a level must be collected in a single playthrough for the 
cosmetic or feature to be unlocked. For example, you cannot collect 12 orbs
(out of 17) for the Entrance level and replay the level to get 5 orbs for 
the unlockable. You must collect all 17 orbs before progressing to the next
level. The ring circling Foster's cube indicates the amount of orbs left. 
The right number counts the amount of orbs required to access the main 
elevator and clear the level. The left number shows the amount of orbs left
in the level itself. Even if the right number reaches zero, you still need 
to bring down the left number to zero to be rewarded with these unlockables.

Unlockable      How to Unlock
Big Heads     - Collect all 60 orbs in the Babel level of Chapter IV.
Body Mass     - Collect all 96 orbs in the Abyss level of Chapter V.
Red Hot Laser - Collect all 35 orbs in the Purity level of Chapter III.
Scarlet Suit  - Collect all 84 orbs in the Ascendency level of Chapter VI.
War Paint     - Collect all 17 orbs in the Entrance level of Chapter II.
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