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Dungeons of Sundaria Cheats

Dungeons of Sundaria

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips How to Win:
Written by Allday69

1.make a cleric and get self heal and divine shield unlocked. spam those 
  to survive and be sure to always have a shield equipped to get the cleric 
  bonus trait roll past everything until you reach the main dungeon boss
  * (some mini bosses you cant skip but most you can)
  * (mini boss fights start when the boss sees you walk in front of them. 
    so just hug the walls and you can sneak by almost all bosses) this for all levels until you unlock hard mode
4.repeat step 2 to unlock nightmare
5.after getting to stage 4 nightmare last boss, kill her, loot, then return 
  to checkpoint
6.then return to town and resume stage 4 to go straight to the final boss 
7.every time you kill her, you get holy order fragment. farm these and start 
  crafting your elite set gear win. took me about 12 hours starting from level 1 to get full set 
  and become a god.

9.have fun.
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